3 Alternative Places to Spend the Valentine Day in USA

Valentine’s Day is awaited yearly by millions of lovers around the world. Loathe it or love it, it is the one day in which you are guaranteed to get some special attention if you are in a relationship and you might want to do the same for your other half in February 2018, so why not booking a trip to spend your Valentine Day in USA?

This needn’t be an exotic or predictably romantic destination, however. If your boyfriend is a tattoo lover, why not find a tattoo convention in a faraway state? Or if he adores football, why not book tickets to that final he has been talking about for months?

Make the next Valentine’s Day special by considering the following destinations

3 Alternative Places to Spend the Valentine Day in USA

Music Trip: New Orleans

Music lovers have long known that this city is THE place to go if you are a jazz lover. One of the US’ oldest cities, New Orleans has a rich mix of Creole, African-American and Caribbean populations, amongst others. The city has a vibrant culture based on music and carnivalesque festivals like Mardi Grass (which coincidentally takes place on February 13th) and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Visiting New Orleans will make you vibrate like no other destination you’ve been to and its historic neighbourhoods like the French Quarter will deepen your interest for the city.

Golf Trip: Dallas

The third most populated city in the state of Texas, Dallas, is an unusual but exciting destination for a holiday. You and your hubby might want to get up to something different like playing golf and if this is the case, then Dallas is your top pick. With five municipal courses, you could learn to swing those arms and lock legs into position to hit the hole! Staying in one of these Romantic Inn & Suites will ensure your golf trip is also complete, with champagne, petals and candles waiting for you at the hotel after every hard sporting day!

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Cycling Trip: Portland

Since 2001, cycling has nearly tripled in this US city. Improved bike lanes and a betterment of the general cycling infrastructure has resulted in Portland now having the biggest commuter traffic of any big city in America. The League of American Bicyclists has awarded the city platinum status and it’s one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. If you and your special other love pedalling and discovering new places while doing so, Portland is your oyster. Make sure you gear up in style for the trip with these awesome biking accessories.

Whether you are a music fan, would like to give golf a try or love hopping on your bike, these alternative Valentine’s Day destinations will offer you and your other half the opportunity to explore new places whilst doing something out of the ordinary and sharing your love for one another in unusual spots. Release your inner explorer and book your most original Valentine’s Day trip to date! It will be a journey where you will learn more about one another than in any other conventional holiday.

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