The Perfect Guide for 5 Days In London

5 Days In London

London might be the most expensive city in the world accordingly to the Google, but doesn’t matter, it is such an amazing city that makes your travel worth each penny spend on that. Don’t lt the Pound scare you out, prepare yourself, plan you trp and go, you wont regret, I promise.  I have been to London twice and I can assure you that it is impossible to get tired of that city! There are so many things to do that is hard to pick what to put in the list, but with this 5 days in London guide, you will have enjoy London fully! And for those who are still not sure about going because of the price, dont worry, check here some tips to save money in London.

5 Days In London Guide

Day one

Buckingham Palace

5 Days In London

Start your day going to the Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the queen. I recommend going early in the morning to watch the Changing the Guard ceremony, but pay attention as the ceremony doesn’t happen every day, for more info check their site

Westminster Abbey

On our way to the Big Ben, don’t forget to stop to admire the beautiful Westminster Abbey, the famous church where the coronations take place You have a chance to visit it inside during any day but Sunday, when it is closed for visitors due to the prayers. You will probably face a huge waiting line though, besides, you need to buy ticket to get in

Big Ben

5 Days In London

Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the tower, but the tower itself is known as the Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is located in the Palace of Westminster also known as the House of Parliament. It is possible to book a guided tour inside the building. On Big Ben’s side you will also find the Westminter Bridge, definitely one of the most popular places to get good shots of the Parliament.

London Eye

Crossing the river, you will find the London Eye, that until 2006 was considered as the biggest ferris wheel in the world, each rotation takes 30 minutes and you can choose between one or two rotations. You can buy the tickets online and get 10% of discount here. Don’t forget to take a walk on this side of the canal, there you can find some nice restaurants and during the winter you can visit the Christmas Market.

Day Two

Tower of London

5 Days In London

Built as a fortress and castle, it is a museum now a days and the home of the Crown Jewels of England. Tickets can be bought here.

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Tower Bridge

5 Days In London

Another iconic symbol of London. For a fee you can visit the exhibition, learn how this famous bridge works and climb its stairs for a beautiful view. Crossing the river you will find yourself surrounded by modern buildings, from there you can see the City Hall, The Sharp, The Gherkin, etc

Shakspeare’s Globe

First built in 1599, now a days what we see is the third version of the Globe Theater. Associated with William Shakespeare, in some seasons it is possible to watch some of his plays performed here.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is the national museum of modern and contemporary art of London. Home to an extensive collection of modern art dating from the 1900s to present day. Its entrance is free.

Milenium Bridge

In front of the Tate Modern museum, you will find one of the coolest bridge in London, the famous Millennium Bridge, which is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians only, from here you can see the dome of the St Paul Cathedral and take beautiful shots during the day or night.

St Paul Cathedral

5 Days In London

You can follow the Millennium Bridge until our next stop, one of the most famous cathedral in London. To visit the cathedral you must buy a ticket, with this ticket you can climb its 528 steps up to the Golden Gallery, from there you can have a beautiful view from the city and take some cool pictures.

Day Three


5 Days In London

It is the most famous department store in the world. There you can find all kind of products, from clothes to food and the most famous luxury brands, Everything is expensive but worth a visit.

Natural Museum

5 Days In London

One of the most complete Natural Museums in the World, you will see different kinds of minerals, plants, mammals and dinosaurs. The museums also holds events during the year. The entrance is free.

Hyde Park

One of the largest parks in London and a Royal park. It is a beautiful place for a walk, and during the winter, it is possible to visit the Winter Wonderland, a Christmas Market and Theme Park that are located inside the park along. On Hyde Park’s side is the Kensington Garden, from there you can see The Albert Monument, Royal Albert Hall and the Kensington Palace.

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Portobello Market- Notting Hill

Close to the Kensington Garden is the Notting Hill neighbour, and the Portobello Road, famous for its beautiful and colourful houses. This place is full of antique shops and during Saturdays, you will find many stalls on the streets selling mainly antiques.

Day Four

Trafalgar Square

5 Days In London

Must see square for first-timer visitors. It is famous for the Nelson’s Column and the Lions statues, there is also the National Gallery.

National Gallery

5 Days In London

Located right in the Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is the home of the greatest collection of paintings in the world, 2,300 to be precise. The entrance is free.

Covent Garden

The Convent Garden Market has a variety of shopping and restaurants, you can also watch street performances.

British Museum

Dedicated to human history, art and culture, the British museum has an extensive collection of world art and artefacts. It is also the home of the biggest Egyptian collection outside Egypt. The entrance is free, so no excuse not to visit.

Day Five

King Cross / St Pancras Station

For those who love Harry Potter, King Cross Station is a must, as its there where the Platform 9 ¾ is, aso there is a Harry Potter’s shop. Tip to avoid waiting, arrive early in the morning of late at night.

Camden Market

5 Days In London

Built in the old stables of London, Camden Market is famous for its more than 1,000 shops and stalls selling from clothes to crafts, you can find all kind of stuff. You will see a huge mixture of cultures and sub-cultures. It is a perfect place if you are looking for alternative clothes and accessories.

Oxford Street / Regent Street

5 Days In London

These are the best shopping area in London, there is a huge variety of brands, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Even for those who are not interested in shopping, it’s worth a visit, it is beautiful specially during the night.


One of the most popular streets in London, to get here you just need to follow the Oxford Streets, just sit, have some drink and enjoy while you people watch or watch the street artists.


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  • This is such a useful post, all the places you’ve included are necessary on a visit to London. I didn’t know you could go to the top of St Paul Cathedral. On my next visit to London I’ll definitely include this in my itinerary.

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