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My name is Isadora, I was born in a small town called Laguna in southern Brazil, land of dolphins. As a cub, my parents decided to move to Balneário Camboriú, and since then, we are here. I have a degree in International Business and I have worked in the area for almost three years, until I discovered that it was not for me and I ended up leaving it.

Many people ask me why I left, if I will not go back, if my university was in vain. Look, knowledge is never in vain, that’s what my father said, but yeah, it’s true, I’ve learned a lot from uni and also in the three years working, experience is never too much. But the truth is, no, I do not intend to go work with that again, at least not to the if it involves sitting for hours in an office.

I ended up discovering that I’m a more active person than I thought I was. Imagine me working for the rest of my life locked in a room without being able to talk to others, just sending e-mails to the Chinese dude in the other side of the world? Jeez, not for me.

Since I was little, I always had two big dreams, to travel the world and to buy a horse, well, the second one still on the list, while the first one, I decided that I would travel once I finished uni, I had spent the last three years saving money for that. So when I was 20, in the last week of my uni’s semester, days after the delivery of my thesis, I was already boarding for my first trip to Europe.

I’ve always been passionate about History and Culture, and that’s what I chase when I travel. I love exotic culture, and the sense of cultural shock, yeah, we only say that until we find ourselves forced to use the public bathroom in India. My dream trip? Traveling to Silk Road.

Who Travels with Me?

Because every good traveler has a professional photographer together … or almost. Luckily my mother has almost an adventurous spirit within her and goes with me to anywhere, and I couldn’t ask for a better company! It is not easy to


find a good duo to travel and luckily my mother and I like the same things and we have the same disposition, which includes many years of little gym and low fitness, but enthusiasm helps.


“Was it difficult to convince her to travel together?” Some will ask. No, in fact, she always wanted to travel. “Who build the itineraries?” Most of the time, the two of us together. “Who chooses the destinations?” Also the two of us, some places I, others my mom, until today we had no problems with me wanting to go right and her left.