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Welcome to World By Isa

Hey! My name is Isadora and I’m the founder of World by Isa, I’m just a regular 90’s kid who decided to drop the office routine to start traveling, now I run a blog with the intention of inspiring people who dream about traveling and to show them that you dont need an infinite bank account to do so.

Do what makes you happy, not what pleases others

After almost three years working for a Freight Forwarder in an office that is the dream of many, I decided to quit my job and the day after I presented my Completion of Course Work at university, I was already on my way to Europe.

For many, this was a crazy dicision, but for me it meant my happiness.

Back home, I got a much more flexible job where I can organize my travel plans and save money to travel. Nothing that a bit of logistics doesn’t solve.

I always dreamed of traveling, but it seemed far from my reality, I saw my friends going but I imagined that my situation was not the same and I would have to settle for it. Soon I realized that traveling is not a over complicated matter that needs an infinite bank account, on the contrary, it has never been so easy to travel as it is nowadays!

I decided to create a blog not only to share the experiences I have in my travels, but also with the intention of motivating people who dream of traveling but don’t know how to start.

Who Travels with Me?

I couldn’t have ask for a better company, ddefinitely my best friend and the person who knows me better than any other. I know how lucky I am for having a mother who if always with me. She not only agrees in coming with me whenever I go, but also gives amazing tips and choose amazing places, besides the cool pictures she takes, good ideas for the blog, amazing travel hacks, ok, I think you got the idea!

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I would love to hear from you! If you have any question or doubts about me or my travels, or if you want some help or even if you just wish to share your experiences, send me an email! 🙂


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Isadora Koller,

Brazil, 2017