Travel For Lazybums: How to Choose Your Destination

Como Escolher o seu Destino

I know that everybody loves the idea of travelling, not only me, but many people are still afraid of travelling, just like I was some years ago. Not really afraid, but unprepared, most of the times we don’t know where to start, what we need, how much we need and all these basic questions that comes to our minds, which leads us to the simple conclusion “Travelling is hard” and the life goes on. But the truth is that No, travelling is not hard and really, everybody can do it. You just need to organize yourself.

So for the next weeks I will be posting the series “Travel for Lazybums”, that will be a step-by-step of how to plan your travels, what do you need for your travels, how to search for what you need, etc.

If you are those kind of people who have anxious attack just to think about starting something new or even if you are part of the not so optimistic crew that always think about everything that can go wrong, I get you all, but don’t worry, carry on with this series and hopefully you will be feeling more confident and more prepared about your travelling plans.

Bear in mind that for travelling you need four things basically, money, time, confidence and will to go. Before starting to plan everything you need to feel confidente and not afraid of travelling, it is a new experience, you might face some difficulty in the beginning but remember that you are not alone in this world, there are more 7 billions of people in the globe and for sure someone around you will be able to help in case you need, just keep in mind that there is a solution for any problem in life! Here is a post with some tips to help you feel more confident to your very first travel!

This series will be divided in 4 weeks:
How to choose your destination.
Buying your Flight and Preparing your Documentation
Picking the Perfect Accomodation
And Now, What to Pack?

how to choose your destination

How to Choose Your Destination

Ok lets start this by the very basic. Where to go? Where do you should go? Well, thats a very relative question, if you dream about traveling, you probably have an idea of where you want to go, which is great, but in case you still don’t, or you are in doubt, because let’s be honest, there are so many cool places on this planet that sometimes we just don’t know where we want to go next. If you want to get some hints, I have made a list of the best countries for first time travelers, in any case, check below some ideas of where to search for inspiration!


Pinterest is one of my favorite apps to look for some inspiration, you can find amazing pictures of places that will feed your wanderlust and help you finding a location that will fit you the better. Pinterest is more like a visual seach engineer than social media platform, so imagine a Google Images that gives you many more results and access to different blogs that you probably wouldn’t easily find elsewhere, which is great because besides the beautiful photos you can find from different places, you also get information, itineraries and tips from people who have already visited these places before, so you can have an idea of what to expect from the place.

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Lonely Planet

There is one reason for Lonely Planet being so often quoted and considered one of the best guides available, it is because they really are! Both in their guides or on their website you can find valuable information about any place you can imagine. Lonely Planet always offer detailed information, like cultural and historical spots to visit, tips of where to go, how to move around, etc. On their website you can also find posts written by other travellers which many time gives inside tips and not so mainstream information.

Travel Agency Magazine

Thats one I do very often. Everytime I pass near a travel agency, I get in to take one of their magazines or panflets. They are great to help you making your tarvel plan and building your route through. Just looks for their travel tours, the ones that interested you the most, check the cities and countries that the tour includes and what is the route they use, what kind of transportation, what local tours it includes etc.

With this you can have an idea of interesting cities and important locations to see, plus what kind of transportant you can use and what route seems the easier. And checking the price you can have an idea of how much money you would need for this trip, but of course, taking the trip without a travel agency, you will be able to spend even less than the price of the package.

What to take into consideration when choosing your destination

Your bugdet

Well, because not everything is free in this life. Make the math and check a location that will fit your bugdet, check the price of the flight, how many days you would stay and how much the hotels would be for this. There are location that are far cheaper than others, just like that are cheap and expensive options of hotels. If you need a super cheap one you can try a hostel (this will be better covered in week 3 of #TravelforLazybums). In general, countries who have a weaker economy than yours, will be relativetely cheaper for you. And independentely of the place, there are always ways to save money!

What kind of vacation do you want

What are you up to? You want a vacation on the beach having some coconut water looking at a white sand and blue water? Or you dream about playing in the snow, trying to snowboard perhaps? Or you are a more urban person, looking for cosmopolite cities with different architecture and some historical buildings? You should take into consideration what you really want to see and what kind of experience you really expect to have specially in your very first trip. And of course it is always possible to find travels that fits your bugdet independing on your expectations.

Check about Visa

Don’t forget that the world unfortunately is not a huge open area where anybody can easily come and go. There are laws and regulations so you need to check the condition of your passport before going on a trip, sometimes you cant just buy a flight and show up in the country like: hey what you have for dinner? In some cases Visa is becessary to be able to get out of the airport, some visa are easy to get and cheap, in some cases you take your visa in the airport itself, in other cases you need to apply month earlier and pray that you are approved.

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So all this must be checked before you take the action of buying your flight. Visa regulation will depend on your own passport so I’m not able to give you a easy recipe for this. But check online and in doubt you can call or send a message to the embassy of the country you are interested of visiting and they will give you all the instructions you need to proceed your travel!

Look for information about the country and your routes

Once you get your flight, you should try to gather as much information as you can about the country you will visit. It is better than arriving there clueless. Look for basic information of the country, their currency and language, try to learn some few sentences that might help you, every local loves when you try to speak something in their language even if it is just a thank you. Try to learn abit about their history, the historical places that are a must and some cultural aspects of the locals.

Be open to new places

When looking for places to visit and information about the country take a look in other cities besides the one you are planning to stay, check if there is another city that interested you and if it is possible to go there, or if you are not up to or able to spend more days in another city, see if there is any day trip to an interesting city nearby this one you will stay in.

Sometimes we just can’t see it all

Sometimes we have just a small period of time to spend in one city yet our list is so full of cool places to visit there. Bear in mind that not always we are able to visit everything, there are cities that are so big that you would need weeks to be able to see everything without rush, so try to focus on what is the most important to you, pick the spots that you simply can’t leave the country without seeing it and make sure they are the first ones that you visit.

But don’t feel frustrated if you go back home without seeing that specific place. Unfortunately this happens, but you can always go back there one more time in the future!

*Uffs* Ok, this was long, but get used to it! Next Friday we will see how to buy your flight, find cheap flights, and how to prepare your documents for your vacation! If you don’t want to miss anything, don’t forget to subscribe to World By Isa’s email list! 😀

Until next Friday!

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