Luggage Organizer: A cute solution for your messy travel bags

Luggage Organizer

Something that drives me crazy when I’m travelling is opening my bag to find out it is a pure mess inside. Of course, after some days of travelling this is inevitable, after all, who doesn’t pack everything in a rush 5 minutes before the checkout?

I really try my best when I’m organizing my luggage pre-travel, to put everything in the right place and organize similar clothes all together to make it easier for me to find everything. I normally put shirts to one side, pants to the other and hope everything will be in place, or something close to it, when I come back from the travel. This hardly happens though, as I very often see myself sitting on the floor of my hotel room throwing my clothes to the air trying to find that exactly shirt that I can’t go out without.

A short time ago though, I found out that my drama was totally pointless, because there are ways to easily fix all this bag mess. I came across this 6 Set Packing Cubes by that does exactly what the name says, very convenient.


Basically it works like this, each kit comes with 6 packing cubes, in three different sizes, so you can pack different products in each. There is a big one that fits two layers of folded shirts, tops or even a heavy coat, the medium size that you can put one layer of shirts or pants, and is deep enough to put shoes on it, and the small size that you can organize the toiletries that you gonna bring, it is perfect for your makeup, deodorant, brush, toothbrush and toothpaste and everything you need for you hygiene, you can just leave this small cube in your room’s bathroom during your travel and in the end of the trip just close the zipper, put it back in your bag and done, all packed again! That’s how I like to organize my things, by category, of course you can organize yours in the way that feels better for you.

If you see you don’t have the necessity of stuffing all packing cubes, you can use one as you laundry bag, which is great because you need to stuff your clean clothes with your dirty ones in the same cubes.

Or even, if you are traveling with more people, in my case with my mom, we can organize 3 cubes to each of us and save one whole bag to buy things during the travel, so that we don’t need to worry about space nor weight of the luggage, as you can see we are very minimalist people. Another idea is to use one or two cubes in your carry-on bag so you don’t take the risk of being taxed for overweight luggage.

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The cubes are made of a high-quality fabric, they are very resistent and you don’t need to worry about it ripping apart. It also comes in different colors and if you plan to travel with someone else and share the same luggage you can buy two sets in different colors to make it even easier to differenciate your clothes from your partner’s.

The 6 Set Packing Cubes is indeed a more convenient way to pack you baggage with efficience, it makes it easier for you to find what you need and to pack everything back in your luggage without that desperation of the last minute. Useful for any kind of trip and for sure, any traveller would love to receive one of these sets as a gift!


Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links from Bagail and I received compensation in exchange for this review. 

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