About Me

Hi there!

I’m Isadora, the voice behind World By Isa, welcome to my blog! Passionated about history and culture, I travel the world looking for experiencing different cultures and learning first hand about the most important historical, social and political aspects of each country and people.

I believe that you can travel and have a great time without leaving you career or studies aside, by taking short travels, full of adventour without quitting your professional goals or leaving your confrot aside.

Learning on the road

I love to learn different things, and nothing better than learning them first hand. Travel can be much more than just simple vacations, it can be turned into life changing experiences where you can immerse yourself in a different enviroment and experience different cultures, historical backgrounds and political scenario, that will make you understand by yourself, the reality of the world.

A nomad with a fixed address

Although I have a nomad heart and background, I do have a fixed address, I’m not a nomad nor an expat. Besides my blog, I also run my other business and it requires me to spend a good amount of time in the same place, which I happily call home.

I’m actually a part time traveller born, raised and living in Brasil. I’m graduated in International Business but quitted the area and decided to open my own business.

Adventure doesn’t mean no comfort

Everybody loves adventure, but not all of us were born to sleep in tends and use the forest. I like to show others that it is possible to have amazing outside experiences, appreciate beautiful landscapes, observe wild animals in their own habitat without necessarily giving away the comfort.


Contact me on worldbyisa@gmail.com