Top 10 Countries for Beginner Travellers

So you want to start traveling, maybe spend your holidays overseas, but have no experience and don’t know where you should go first? This is a list for you! Everybody has fears before traveling the first time, and the best thing to do is to pick an easy country to start with, that’s why I made this list of 10 countries to visit as a beginning traveler, which includes the easiest and safest countries to travel to, especially if it is your first time.

In general, a nice way to start looking for your first destination is to look for countries that speak you native language or at least one where english is well spread, so you won’t have major issues with the language barrier. Another point to highlight is if the country is a famous tourist destination and has a well developed tourist scene and infraestructure.

Countries for Beginner Travellers

Top 10 Countries for Beginner Travellers



Guess what, everybody speaks English here! In UK you have many options of countries to visit, England, Scotland, Wales, Nothern Ireland, and it is really easy to go navigate between then, so you don’t need to reduce your travel to England only. There are many things to see, from historical to natural places. Definitely this is not the cheapest option though.

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United States

This is a cheaper solution than UK. United States have so many different places and landscapes to see. You have from big cities like New York to forests and beaches. It is a famous destination and you will have many options from tour operators to accomodation and guides.



The global capital of politeness. It is a super safe country and its people are very helpful. Besides English, French is also well spread in some areas, like in Quebec. Canada also has amazing natural places to visit like the Banff National Park.


South Africa

South Africa is sometimes an even cheaper option if you want to travel to a country that speak English. If you are going from a country from the south hemisfere this is one of the cheapest flight tickets you will find. If you like wildlife and dreamed about going on safaris, this is your chance.

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The first country in the list of those who love to surf. If you are a beach lover, Australia is a great option. But not only that! Australia has so many things to see across the country, you would need to spend a good time in the country if you wished to see it all. It is a well developed country and really easy to navigate the cities.

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One of the most visited countries in the world and with a good reason! They have amazing cities to visit and so many things to see. If you like history and old civilizations this is a place for you! Just like pretty much all West Europe, Italy has a well stablished tourism scene, many tour operators and guides.


Just like Italy, France is a famous destinations specially if you like history and culture. Paris is full of Bucket List spots and the country has a variety of beautiful cities to be visited. Perhaps not the easiest place to find English speakers but with the well developed tourism sector, you won’t find big difficulties. The public transport is also really easy to use.

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Super small country and easy to navigate. Amsterdan is a great city to start your travels with, beautiful architecture, romantic cannals, full of nice cities nearby in case you want to take Day Trips and if you wish, you can go to countries nearby as the prices of tickets are well affordable. Netherlands also has one of the cheapest airport in Europe.

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In case you want to start your travels by Asia, Singapore is a nice choice. It is actually a city-state located in South-East Asia, its culture mix the chinese culture with different local cultures. Singapore has 4 official languages being the first of them is English!

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Besides being super cheap, Thailand is a backpacker hub! It is hard to feel lost knowing there are so many other backpackers around, plus many people speak English there due to the huge amount of tourists the country receive every year. For those who just started and love exotic destinations, this is the one!

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