Travel fo Lazybums: What to Pack?

So we just reach the last week of our Travel to Lazybums series! Now you are almost ready for your travel! You already know where to go, how to buy your ticket and where you will stay, now you need to have an idea of what you will bring with you, that’s why this week we going to see what you should pack for your trip.

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And Now, What to Pack?


So let’s get started!

Travel fo Lazybums: What to Pack?


Each air company will have their own policies when it comes to bags, and that’s why you should always check with the air company you will travel with to make sure your bags won’t be charged. But in general, in an international travel, you will be able to bring one carry-on bag and one checked bag.

Carry-on Bags

The airlines allow you to bring one carry-on bag per person. Inside the plane, it’s not allowed to keep your bag on your lap, so your carry-on bag should be small enough to be fit in the overhead bin or beneath the seat. In general, most of the airlines accept bags up to 45 linear inches, and 10kgs of weight.

Make sure you pack at least one outfit in your carry-on bag, in case your checked bag is delayed for some reason. On the carry-on bag, you can also pack the valuable things that can go inside the cabin, like your gadgets.

Checked Bags

The number of check bags you can bring in your international trip will vary accordingly to your air company and the class of your trip. In general, they accept at least one bag per person of 23kgs, some companies accept one bag of 32kgs.


It’s important to put a padlock at least on your checked bags to make sure everything will be in place next time you open it. The checked bag will travel away from you and unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how and who will handle it. Not that it is a normal thing to have your things stolen from your bag, but who knows, these things can happen. You won’t need a huge and complex padlock, just choose a normal one that isn’t ridiculously easy to open.

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What you Can’t Bring Inside the Plane with You

Besides all the obvious things like, weapons, knives, drugs, explosives, or all the life threatening things, there are other daily life objects that you must check before bringing with you.

Liquids, sharp objects, sporting goods, etc. It’s always good to ask the air company as well, as for example, some companies allow you to bring liquids until 100mls, while others allow only liquid until 50mls.

Watch out with perfumes, deodorant, nail clips, tweezers, bottle of water etc, depending on the amount of the products they will not let you pass, and your things will be throw in a garbage, literally.

Again, always better to ask the air company before bringing them, on the internet we read that nail clips where allowed on the plane but arriving at the check-in we were asked to throw it away.


It’s always important to organize your documents in a way that you can easily access it. So what I like to do is to keep a folder where I keep all the documents inside and can carry them in my handbag. You will normally be asked questions in the immigration post in each country you travel to, so it’s always good to have the documents with you. I also like to keep my bookings printed in case my phone’s battery die in the middle of the way.

Things that are good to keep in your folder:

Flights confirmation
Printed booking confirmations
Vaccination confirmation (if that’s the case in your trip)


Don’t forget to bring your electronics with you! Phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, etc, they can all be brought with you inside the cabin.

Also, don’t forget the chargers, and always pay attention to what plugin is used in the country you are traveling to. It’s always good to have an adapter with you, it’s possible to buy a universal adapter so that you don’t need to worry and just bring it with you no matter what plugin they use in the place.

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Trust me, bring as less as possible. We always feel like we must bring all the things that we could possibly miss back home, but trust me, don’t do that. You will only make your bag heavy, it will be hard to carry around and you will have no space for eventual holiday purchases.

If you really miss a piece of clothing, out of necessity, you can always buy it in the place. Especially for winter clothes. If you feel like you really need another pair of gloves or a scarf, just buy in the place you are. Same goes with coats, you really don’t need to bring dozens of heavy coats for a week vacation, do you?

Regarding shoes, out of self-experience, it is also very useless to bring one pair to each day of the week, I tried to do something like that once….guess how many pairs I wore? One…yeah….for the whole week…because, who cares?

Makeup too, if you are not a super fashionista, planning to do a whole makeup tutorial on the streets of Paris, there is no reason to bring the whole makeup bag! Eye pencil or eyeliner, perhaps a base if it’s way too needed and one lipstick, will be good for you, you will survive.

Yaaayy!! Days late but better late than never….right??? 😀 Sorry for the delay guys, I have been quite busy this week as I’m boarding in few days for the next trip and I had to make sure everything is ready because of course…. I had 3 months to fix everything, but I left everything for the week before, who never do that?

Anyways, we finally reached the end of our #TravelforLazybums series! It was a lot of content and I hope it will help you guys to plan and organize your trips. I will be doing more series like this in a soon future, so don’t forget to subscribe to don’t miss anything. If you have any question, just leave a comment below! 🙂

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