10 Important Things to do Before Leaving the Office for Vacation

The days leading up to your vacation is a crucial time. It’s vital not only in terms of preparing for the holiday itself but also for what you leave behind.

For example, you have to prepare your home before going on vacation to ensure that it is safe and secured.

Other than that, you should also make sure that your office and colleagues won’t be bummed when you leave. Therefore, it makes sense that you also prepare your office before leaving for your trip.

On that note, here are ten essential things that you need to do before you leave the office for your vacation.

Write a to-do list

It can be challenging to keep track of all the things you need to accomplish before you leave. Thus, making a to-do list can help you remember all the must-finish tasks before you go.

You should keep a separate to-do list for tasks you must accomplish in the office before the day of your vacation and the to-do list for your vacation preparation.

Tidy up your workspace

Much like your home, you should also make sure that you tidy up your workspace before you leave for your vacation.

Since your office feels like a second home, you should know that leaving it dirty before a vacation is going to make you unproductive. It won’t be the best welcome back that you’d receive.

Therefore, we always advise our clients at Maid Sailors Maid Service Jersey City to clean up everything on their desk. Clear it out and remove any items that you won’t need when you come back.

Inform your coworkers who are covering for you

Before you go away on vacation, make sure that you talk to your coworkers who are most likely going to cover for the work that you will leave behind.

Since you’re going to be adding to their workload, it’s only fair that you give them a heads up. That way, they can prepare themselves before you leave.

Plus, you can give them a souvenir when you come back or maybe treat them to lunch when you arrive.

Set an out-of-office reply on your email

Your email is not going to be out of service while you’re away. Therefore, you should consider automating a response to people who will send you emails. That way, they won’t end up waiting a while and disappointed in your reply.

Update your voicemail message

Aside from automating your email response, you should also make sure that your voicemail message does the same.

If people call you or leave you a message, they will know that you won’t be there to respond fast. Therefore, you can manage their expectations and not sour any work relationships.

Clean up your inbox

We mentioned before the importance of cleaning up your workplace before you leave the office for your vacation. However, there’s also one other thing you have to tidy up before you go. And that’s your work email’s inbox.

There’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than coming back from a relaxing vacation to tons of unanswered emails. It doesn’t help you get right back into the productive and professional mindset since you’re already overwhelmed.

Before you leave the office, devote a little more than an hour to comb through your emails. Answer the most urgent ones first, then notify those work concerns that can wait that you’ll be dealing with them at a later time.

Contact your clients

You must contact your clients or any external work relationships that you have before you leave for your vacation. Contacting them is especially critical if you’re going to be away during a vital period in their work.

Giving them a heads up beforehand shows professionalism. Plus, you can help assist your clients with immediate issues so that they don’t have to disturb you and contact you during your vacation.

Mark your vacation in your office’s public calendar

A simple act, such as creating an event in your office-wide calendar, will inform a lot of people of your situation immediately.

You won’t have to spend too much effort leaving notes to people one by one that you’re going to leave at a specific date.

Pack your appropriate work tech

In case there are work emergencies, you should try and have some work tech that can help you address these issues efficiently.

Although you should try your best not to leave behind any work or do work during your vacation, if push comes to shove, you should always have a back-up plan.

Check emails before you return

A day or a few hours before you come back to the office, you should check up on your emails. That way, you know what situation you’re going to get into once you go back to the office.

Knowing what you have to deal with is going to reduce the anxiety of coming back from a vacation to the office again.


Preparing your office before you leave for vacation ensures that you have the presence of mind to think of your coworkers and clients. It shows your level of professionalism. Aside from that, it gives you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your vacation.

There’s nothing worse than having that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that’s stopping you from enjoying yourself to the fullest.

If you’ve got a vacation coming up soon, then follow and accomplish the tasks listed above before you leave for vacation. That way, you have a seamless transition from work to your vacation.

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