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15 Countries in One Day! Virtual Travel Experiences to Enjoy From Home

For those of you staying at home, nothing better than distracting yourselves with amazing experiences online. Take advantage of the free time to learn something new, see or experience something different, even from a distance.

Thinking about that, I compiled this list of amazing and unique travel experiences to have online.

For more virtual tours and online experiences to enjoy while you stay home, check these museums that offer virtual tours, and these free virtual field trips.

15 Countries in One Day! Virtual Travel Experiences to Enjoy From Home

Feel like Indiana Jones with these Egyptian tombs

Visiting an Egyptian tomb or walking into a Pyramid has been on most people’s wish list since ever, thanks, mostly to Indiana Jones. But if you are afraid of those terrible traps along the way, or a curse that it may bring to you, why don’t you visit online?

You can visit the tomb of Queen Marsh-Ankh III here or the tomb of Menna in the Theban necropolis here.

Get inside a cave in New Zeland

One of the coolest experiences I ever had, was visiting a cave here in Brazil, in a city next to where I live, it is a truly unique experience, and although being there yourself, feeling the cold, humidity and listening to the water drops is something amazing, drastic times like requires a drastic solution.

Walk into a cave from a safe distance here.

Chill at a volcano

If it was too cold down there, don’t worry, warm yourself up while you chill at a volcano!

Walk into a cabinet of wonder

For those of you who love curiosity shops and old stuff, this will be a dream place for you.

The Pitt Rivers Museum displays archaeological and anthropological collections that will probably hold you for hours admiring! Enjoy the collection here.

Search for Nessie while you swim in the Loch Ness

I already went after Nessie in my last trip to Scotland and failed, it is your turn now. Go for a swim in the Loch Ness, enjoy the sunny day, but keep an eye open and your camera ready!

What about visiting the Bermuda Triangle?

Nothing better than visiting an infamous place, from a safe distance. Ever wondered how the dangerous Bermuda Triangle looks like? Does it have airplane wreckage all over? I don’t know, you should check it out here.

Enjoy your time in Pripyat’s abandoned amusement park

More than 30 years after the disaster of Chernobyl, Pripyat is now a ghost town. The area has been restricted and nobody is allowed to live there. Small tours are possible though, with permission, of course.

But safety is never enough, so for the curious cats around, I suggest visiting it from home, start by visiting the abandoned amusement park, it is a perfect landscape for a horror movie though.

If you are into remote places, then check this village on stilts in Ghana

Have you ever found yourself in a remote village? Well, here is your chance. Wander around the streets of this stilt village in Ghana, locate in a lake, kilometer away from the closest city!

If you even like fewer people, enjoy your time alone in the world’s most remote island

If you miss the Summer vibes, enjoy this chance to walk by the beach of the most naturally vegetated island of Salomon Atoll.

Go for a horse ride in a frozen lake in Mongolia

Spending time with locals is the best way to understand an experience culture. Have a sneak peek into the lives of the Mongolia nomads, and enjoy a horse ride with a nice view here.

Or ride a camel in the Liwa desert instead

If winter is not your thing, what about visiting the desert from the back of a camel in this beautiful oasis?

Visit the ruins of an ancient Caravanserai in Kyrgystan

Transport yourself to the Silkroad, back in the time of the big caravans. The Caravanserais were roadside inns, which served mainly the caravans, but also travelers along the road. A place where they could rest and prepare themselves for the long way ahead.

Visit the ruins of the ancient Caravanserai here.

Check the cherry blossom in Japan

The famous hanami, can now be seen from home. Walk along the river while you admire the beauty of the cherry blossoms here.

Go to India and visit the beautiful Nagaur Fort

This beautiful fort was built in the 12th-century, as one of the first strongholds for Muslims in northern India. The beautiful architecture mixes Indian and Muslim elements.

Wander around the white decorated walls here.

Make all your way South to watch the penguins

This place known as Half Moon is home to 2,000 mating pairs of chinstrap penguins, this is one of the world’s most numerous species. There are many tours that take you to this area to see this penguin colony, most of them, leave from Ushuaia. Being able to see wild animals in their natural habitat is such an amazing experience. But if you are far away, you can admire them here.

And since you are here, don’t miss the chance to visit the century-old hut of an Antarctic Explorer here. It was originally made in England, and transported here by ship.

Looking for more animals? Then take a safari in Uganda

There are many other places around the world, where you can see animals in their habitat. Safaris, for example, is a great way to do that.

Take this online safari in Uganda and tell me, how many animals did you see in your visit?

Or swim with sharks and fishes in the Great Barrier Reef

The ocean is a whole new world under there, and only a few people have a chance to see it first hand. First, because not everybody is lucky enough to live by the sea, and second because these tours can be a bit pricey. Google now gives you the chance to explore the Great Barrier Reef from your home.

You can see fishes, mantas, even sharks. But if sharks are not your thing, swim with the Minke whales instead!

To learn more about the Great Barrier Reef, I highly suggest this amazing website here.

Now if you think you have had enough of Earth, time for a Space trip!

That’s ok, nobody will judge you. Sometimes we just need to ‘change air’ as we say here in Brazil. Click here and teletransport yourself to the International Space Station. Get a feeling of how it is to live in the Space Station and admire the beautiful view of Earth.


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