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Need a break? You can always leave the pace of the metro and visit a world-heritage island like a Lord Howe. This is a naturally lush paradise that’s only two hours by plane when you come from Brisbane or Sydney.

Many have thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance, and they went home relaxed and joyous. The island has a lot of activities to offer. You can also get into the Capella Lodge Lord Howe Island accommodation and treat yourself into a once in a lifetime holiday. Some of the tourists love the place because they can’t see any high-rise buildings at all. 

Birds can fill your mornings with their singing. There is fresh air and lush nature that you can see wherever you look. The residents are just over 300, and the pace is languid. The usual mode of transport is through bikes, and you can exercise a lot when you are around. Some of the activities that you don’t want to miss include:

  • Hiking every morning through tracks
  • Glass bottom tours in the lagoons
  • Feeding the white fishes by hand

How to Start your Trip

Some airlines have scheduled flights from Brisbane and Sydney, so you may want to check them out first. Seasonal services can be available from February to June, and there are also others available in December. If you feel like going there by boat, you can always sail, and you can anchor on the lagoons but contact the board in Lord Howe Island first for application for public moorings.

What to Do When You Get There

Enjoy a Scrumptious and Gourmet Meal

Since the island is not connected to mainland Australia, many Lord Howe residents use their natural resources for supplementation. The result is that you can get fresh fish, seafood, and vegetables in almost any restaurant in the area. 

You may want to experience the Fry Fish Night and gourmet food while viewing the sunset. There’s the 5-star luxury haven called the Capella Lodge with seasonal menus, canapes, sunset views, and an Ayurvedic spa for more relaxation.

Admire the Sceneries through Walking

There are so many tracks that will allow you to get to know the island more. A day hike or a simple walk to the beach can revitalize your spirits. If you want some more leg work and exercise, there’s the Settlement Beach’s starting point up to Kim’s Lookout that will enable you to enjoy the lush views of nature. 

You may even chance to see the Ball’s Pyramid, which is an obelisk that is soaring from the ocean. Read more about Ball’s Pyramid on this site here. Many hotels can organize a picnic for you so you can eat a scrumptious meal afterward. Later, try surfing or swimming on the beach and be in for a great time.

Hiking at Mt. Gower

You may be fit to get some exercise and adventure, and the summit of Mt. Gower provides you the opportunities to do so. The hike can take up to eight hours, and this should be taken with a registered guide. 

You can contact a local ranger who has extensive knowledge of Mt. Gower and enjoy the flora and fauna that it has to offer. At the top, you’re in for a treat as you’ll see the panoramic hills and glittering seas that feel like magic.

Get into the Bottom of the Lagoon

There are a lot of bright and beautiful lagoons around Lowe Island. There is plenty of marine life, fishes, corals, and coves under the seas that you can explore. Snorkeling is one of the best hobbies that you can develop there, and you can reach the glass bottom in just two hours.

If you’re not too keen on getting wet, the boat tours can make you see the sights and get you up close to the coral seascapes. All of the gears that you’ll need can be provided by the tour company in the area.

Be Adventurous Outdoors

Fortunately, they won’t be able to find any shortages of adventures in Howe Island for free-spirited people. They have plenty of caves to explore, get into scuba diving, hikes, and more. If you’re interested in the species that you are living there, you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll be able to see plenty of marlins, turtles, dolphins, Galapagos whalers, Spanish dancers, and angelfishes deep down. Read more about the Galapagos here: http://www.geo.cornell.edu/geology/GalapagosWWW/Discovery.html. The divers can take you to the Ball’s Pyramid if you’re curious about what it looks like underneath the ocean. 

After scuba diving, you can entertain yourself and the whole family with golf if this is one of your hobbies. Lots of touring companies can offer you charters and plenty of activities that you’ll love.

Enjoy Nature

The flora on the island comprises over 60 species of flowering plants, and there are 130 more species of birds. There are the red-tailed tropicbirds that draw somersaults in the air and court each other for hours. You’ll also be able to see the woodhen, which is considered endangered in many parts of the world today and some breeding ground for providence petrel.

Beard-like lichens, pines, around lagoon shores, and luxury ferns grow around the shores of the lagoon. You’ll also enjoy the trees and flowers of the misty forest all around you. This is nature at its finest, and this is your chance to breathe some fresh air.

Go Fishing

If you feel like angling, the good news is that you can get special hulls and customized boats to allow you greater navigation on the ocean. The boats can accommodate around two people, and you can be out fishing near the obelisk in under an hour.

Some guides can help you fine-tune your fishing techniques, and you may get some catches in the lagoons afterward. You can practice your skills with tuna, kingfish, trevally, and wahoo when you go into the deep sea for a sunset trip and tour guides are there to ensure your safety. Lord Howe island will never run out of activities for you, and this is the ultimate holiday that you may be dreaming for so long.

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