Hi there! I’m Isadora, a Brazilian travel blogger who just can’t get enough of exploring the amazing stories our world has to tell. I’m not a history expert, but I’ve been a history buff since I was a kid, I dreamed about traveling abroad and experiencing first-hand everything I have read on books and seen on those Discovery Channel documentaries.

I’m not just fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish but always eager to embrace new languages, also I’ve already studied French, German, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese, and with this, I managed to work as a translater and secured a position in academic research that opened my path to the blogging world.

I graduated from the university in 2017 with an International Commerce degree with hopes of someday being able to travel the world, my career didn’t help me much on this, so I quit it and spent the money I got on my very first trip to Europe.

I love checking out ancient places. Imagine walking where people from thousands of years ago once walked! Despite not pursuing history academically, I’ve dedicated countless hours to studying it as a hobby since my youth, I might not have the diploma, but that doesn’t stop me from learning and sharing cool stuff about our past.

Although traveling was not easy to do coming from a country with an undervalued currency, I managed to save enough money and make my first trip as soon as I graduated from university. It was not easy, it demanded a lot of planning and time to raise money, but I did it, and if I did it, anybody could do it too!

Sometimes people ask me why I spend so much money on travel instead of spending it on something else, my opinion is that spending money on a trip is not a waste, but an investment, this is a good way to learn first hand and experience things that you would never be able to experience if you spent this time in front of a TV.

I truly believe that some years from now, I will not record which cellphone I had back in 2017, but I’m sure I will remember the trip to France I did with my best companion: my mom!

Since I began this blog, I also started other businesses online, such as my other blog, Norte a Sul SC, focused on local experiences here in Brazil, I also do a live stream on Twitch, where I chat with people and teach them some history on the “Mislides” our slides series.