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Como Economizar em Londres

Não é novidade que Londres seja uma das cidades mais caras do mundo, especialmente para os turistas, não só porque as coisas são naturalmente caras, mas também devido à moeda britânica, sendo a moeda mais forte do mundo, não é faz muito esforço para ser amigável com as nossas carteiras. Embora uma viagem a Londres …

How to Save Money in London

It is nothing new that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially for tourists, not only because things are naturally expensive there, but also due to the British currency, being the strongest currency in the world, it doesn’t make much of an effort to be friendly to our wallets. Although …


Best Places to visit in the Scottish Highlands: What to do in the Highlands, Scotland

If you have watched too many movies about Middle Earth, overflowing with magical creatures and beautiful landscapes, you will feel at home visiting the Scottish Highlands, it is exactly how you imagine Scotland to be: Green grass dancing with the wind, huge mountains with snow on top of it, that Game of Thrones feelings all …