Best beaches in Tenerife

The beaches in Tenerife are some of the worst-kept secrets in the Canary Islands. As popular amongst inhabitants of the island as they are with visitors, the beaches here are often teeming with holidaymakers looking to take advantage of Tenerife’s most beautiful sandy stretches.

There are beaches to suit every type of visitor, but make sure to do your research before exploring them first-hand. Some beaches will be more suitable for young families, with calm, shallow waters.

Others will be better suited to adventurous travelers looking to try some water sports and take advantage of the windy conditions found on parts of the island. We’ve compiled a list featuring three of Tenerife’s best beaches, catering for all different types of visitors. Will you be paying a visit to any of these sandy hotspots?

Best beaches in Tenerife

Playa de Las Teresitas

Las Teresitas is one of the most popular spots not only amongst tourists but also among the residents of Santa Cruz. Nestled in the northeastern corner of Tenerife, this sunseeker’s paradise stretches for almost a mile along the Atlantic coast.

Holidaymakers flock to Las Teresitas to enjoy the unspoiled golden sand and tranquil waters. The warm sea breeze only adds to the calming atmosphere found in this part of the island.

As is common with many of the Canaries’ best beaches, Las Teresitas is framed by a beautiful mountainous landscape. The protected natural landscape of the Anaga Mountains offers a breathtaking backdrop to the sprawling beach which lies below.

With plenty of interesting rock formations and a fascinating range of flora found here, it is the perfect spot for a long walk to discover all that the area has to offer. If it’s an authentic Canarian experience you’re after, head to Santa Cruz in February when the world-famous three-week-long carnival brings an explosion of color and verve to the area.

Playa de La Tejita

Measuring over one kilometer in length, Playa de La Tejita is the largest natural beach in Tenerife. A visit to this part of the island comes complete with some beautiful views of the surrounding natural area, which includes the Montaña Roja volcano, peaking at over 550f above sea level.

Sitting on the very southern tip of the island, La Tejita is mercilessly exposed to the harsh Atlantic winds, so conditions can get very blustery on the beach.

But, the howling winds often heard here will be music to the ears of adventurous holidaymakers looking to tackle the Atlantic waves with some surfing or windsurfing.

The expansive nature of the beach also provides plenty of room for children to play. However, particularly when the winds are strong and waves are high, swimming is not recommended for young children.

Bear this in mind if you’re visiting the beach with your family.

Playa las vistas

If it is a more all-around family-friendly environment you are looking for, consider a visit to Playa Las Vistas on the southwest coast.

Being one of the most popular beaches in Tenerife’s extensive catalog can become very busy, particularly in the summer months.

However, if you are prepared to brave the crowds, you will be treated to rows of sun loungers, shallow waters, and perfect sand shipped straight from the Sahara.

As well as being accommodating to young children, the beach has been modified to welcome wheelchair users too, meaning the whole family can enjoy a day out at Las Vistas.

Once you’ve had your fill of soaking up the Canarian sun from the comfort of your sun lounger, head into Los Cristianos where you will find an extensive choice of restaurants and bars.

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