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There is something about knowing you are going on holiday, the places and adventures you are about to explore, the exotic foods and drinks you’ll be trying, but best of all is the luxury and comfort you get at the hotel.

Not having to worry about waking up early, or doing the laundry, and even more so having to prepare breakfast for the family, the hotel life is one where you get to ‘live’ your life, while everything is being taken care of. If only every day was this simple, but if you can experience it even for a moment then you should not hesitate.

Hotels have been around for many centuries with the first versions being inns and housing centers built for travelers to take rest and get some food and water, see some great information on its evolution if you click here and read how the industry has evolved and grown into the luxury and grandeur we know today.

Some hotels have been around for more than 1000 years, dating back to the 700’s and still around to this day, the marvel of such a theory to be concreted into the lifestyle of living as we know it is remarkable. 


We have all been in a hotel of some sort in our lives whether it be for business or pleasure, but the one factor that never ceases to impress or appeal to us is the impeccable service. The attention to detail that the staff and management pay to all guests no matter which ‘floor’ of the hotel you’re staying in is the epitome of manners.

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to vacate and frequent many hotels and boutique B&B’s and we have yet to have a bad experience. With careful research and make sure to read customer comments and reviews you are bound to have a great time.

Breakfast included or not?

Friends of ours tend to think that this element to the stay is unnecessary and it is much easier to grab a croissant or bagel on the way out as you head off for the day, my hubby and I won’t stay at a venue unless there is breakfast included or we can add it as an extra.

You may laugh at this fact, but if you have ever tried to function early in the morning while in holiday mode and feed the kids at the same time you will know it can ruin the day if not executed well. When the breakfast is taken care of they simply wander down to the buffet, eat to their heart’s desire, and wait for us to arrive a while later, It’s a win-win.

Another great feature of sitting at the breakfast table eating food that was prepared by a team of professional chefs, which is a bonus in itself, is that you can discuss the activities of the day while you’re relaxed. Everyone is being fed, the plan of action being noted down and you can head off on your excursion with peace of mind.

Who knew a strong cup of coffee and a 10-meter long table of every breakfast food imaginable could offer so much? Take a moment to feast your eyes on these food images and try not to wish you were on vacation right now.

4 Features of a great hotel

Some of the characteristics we are going to look at are, after speaking with more than 100 hotel users and ranking them from most mentioned to least but still important, are the basics of what services should be offered. 

As you increase the element of luxury and go up in price the more personalized and tailored the available options become, and if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to enjoy them go for it, life is to be lived is it not?

  • Cleanliness. By far the most commented on attribute, if the venue doesn’t scream hygiene then it should immediately raise a red flag and it would be best to look elsewhere. Your mind will begin to overthink things (and rightly so) about how fresh are the sheets or towels, is the kitchen with food prep up to scratch? Not the stress you need.
  • Employees. You will interact with the staff throughout the stay, customer service and friendliness are essential in securing a return customer or recommendation. Appearance is also a big first impression maker and management should be on constant watch for late employees or those arriving at work straight from a night out.
  • Location. This is not the be-all or end-all criteria but being within reasonable proximity to amenities and attractions is always an advantage. Then there are hotels tucked away in the mountainsides that you only reach with a ski lift with no tourist attractions in sight besides nature and a few that you couldn’t put a price to. 

You might like the change of scenery when it comes to having a nice long weekend away just you and your other half, a boutique or bespoke chalet in the thick of the woods sounds like a fairytale, and an adventure filled with stories and memories to be made. 

Then there is the opposite of the cookie-cutter version of what a hotel ‘should be or look like’ which is great for artists and creative souls. If you check sites like www.macq01.com.au, you’ll find venues that offer something unique with a rich history to match, and this is what adds value to our inner-being.

  • Services. Little touches like a bottle of bubbly for a special occasion or free Wi-Fi in all rooms throughout the stay, a specialized dish or menu items for high allergy requirements, these all make the stay that much more special.

Wherever you decide to visit and stay be sure that you get the service you deserve, expect, and more importantly are paying for. It isn’t often we all get a chance to treat ourselves so when we do we want it as close to perfection as possible, am I right?

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