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Traveling is probably one of the most meaningful activities one can do. A lot of people sub estimate the experience, yet most would agree that traveling is something that one needs to experience at least once in a lifetime.

Exposing yourself to the unknown, getting to gaze upon new landscapes, streets, buildings, and people. Getting to taste the flavor of a new culture, with its festivals, its customs, its drinks, and its food. 

Traveling is about understanding how small our existences are in the eyes of the world and the universe, yet, how to appreciate ourselves and that that surrounds us without worrying about such things. It’s a lesson of humility, as well as mindfulness, to care about what surrounds, more deeply, more meaningfully.

And considering how important these experiences are, it is to no surprise that a lot of people worry about their destinations. Maybe you are traveling with your significant other, and while the person you love wants to visit Japan, you might just want to visit Spain instead.

It’s a difficult decision, so the best thing you can do is come up with research and get to know the place you want to visit in more detail. If you have suddenly grown interested in Australia, more specifically speaking, Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart, this article is for you.

We will discuss some of the reasons why you might want to visit Hobart, as well as provide some guidance when it comes to local food, activities, local places to visit, and accommodation. For example, you can check here if you are interested in the latter. 

Hobart, a Place of Local and Tasty Exquisiteness

If you are someone who enjoys tasting the local prowess of the places you visit, Hobart is probably one of the best places for you, since it encourages locals to create new things for themselves, and their visitors.

A good example of this is wine and local foods. Refineries are spread all over Hobart, and you can get to visit most of the through tours, which will include a taste of their products, as well as some of the best food you can get to eat along with these wines. 

You can also find bakeries that focus on creating gourmet dishes, and more standard bakeries for those who just want a more simple, local taste of the place. In places like the Salamanca market, finding food to eat will be more than easy. Speaking of the Salamanca market…

A Place of Fruit, Veggies, and Talent

Held every Saturday from 8:30 to 15:00, in Salamanca market you could find more than 300 stalls prepared for selling local products, from vegetables to fruits and incredible examples of craftsmanship. 

Over there, you could find drinks like beers and honey-based beverages, to home-made snacks and food. You could also find souvenirs as well as hand-made crafts that really portrayed Hobart’s reputation for being an incredible place filled with talented people.

Sadly, is it is now, due to COVID-19, the Salamanca market has been suspended until the conditions are met for a safer, graceful experience. Still, there other variations, like the ones mentioned over here https://www.thecrazytourist.com/25-best-things-to-do-in-hobart-australia/

Royal Tasmanian Garden

You can also visit the Royal Tasmanian garden if you are someone who enjoys nature observation. Being in contact with plants, the green, and nature itself is a good way to spend your time if you enjoy relaxing and doing things outdoors.

You can also get to check some of the Japanese-styled gardens, as well as some of the pools and ponds filled with plants and flowers. The Royal Tasmanian is filled with a great collection of different plants, separated into different places for you to visit.

A great experience overall. I would suggest trying out a picnic filled with some of the local food, including some beverages, and if possible, some wine!

Art and Festivals

Hobart is a rather artsy place. For the people who enjoy gazing at art while thinking about everything, and nothing at the same time, this place is for you. Hobart counts with several art museums and galleries to visit, as well as places to enjoy orchestra. 

In general, Hobart is a place that encourages artists, both musicians, and painters, to follow their dreams. Among your options, you have:

  • MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, opened in 2011.

  • Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, established in 1848.

  • The Maritime Museum of Tasmania

  • Mawson’s Huts, Replica Museum

There’s an annual festival known as the summer festival that changes its main theme every year but is well known for being a place to enjoy yourself along with music, local food, beer, and dancing. Most of the time, though, it contains a mix of different types of music like Jazz, Metal, Electronic, Hip-Hop, among many others. 

This festival is the reason why several artists of Australia consider Hobart their home since it is the place that encouraged them to follow up and continue their careers as artists. 

Great Sceneries

If you are interested in gazing upon great sceneries, though, there are many options for you, with the most famous one being Mount Wellington, a part of the Hobart skyline. A 1,271 meters climb.

The great thing about it is that you can visit it yourself or contact a tour for a more specialized visit. The landscape, as well as enjoying the sun while being in slightly colder weather, it’s one of the experiences you can enjoy.

Other places you can visit for the same purpose include: 

  • Sullivans Cove, a landing site, and a great place to walk around at night

  • Brooke Street Pier, a unique marketplace with an attractive structure

  • The Constitution Dock filled with seafood restaurants

  • Mount Nelson Lookout

  • St David’s Park

  • Parliament House

  • The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary if you want to check out a zoo-like experience.

Much More Things to Do in Australia

If you are interested in things you can do when in Australia, you can always check for more information online. Australia is well known for being a place for adventurers, and for those who want to enjoy new things. So, keep looking up for things to do, and make sure to enjoy the experience as much as possible!

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