How to Choose the Best Rugged Watches For Outdoorsman?

Have you considered purchasing an outdoor watch? It is the perfect device for all adventurists, spending most of their spare time in the wilderness or doing hazardous sports.  These rugged wristwatches provide adventurists with all the necessary features, such as location, temperature, compass, barometer, and altitude, considered to be indispensable for all types of risky adventures.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of such devices to choose from, each of them having different features and made of various materials. The following tips will help you find the best tactical watches on the market as well as select the one that matches your needs.

Consider durability

When it comes to choosing between analog and digital models, it’s actually a matter of preference, as both types serve the same purpose. Anyhow, there are rugged wristwatches that are a combination of an analog and digital variant for those buyers who can’t seem to state their preference.

Nevertheless, those who are searching for a tactical watch, designed to be used for military needs, should consider purchasing a digital variant. This time format is best suited for soldiers because of the 24h time.

Don’t forget water resistance

Water-resistance is another crucial feature of rugged wristwatches due to the high probability of getting wet. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll purchase it for your job or a dangerous sports passion, it is supposed to be highly resistant to water.

In fact, make sure the one you choose is water-resistant to a depth of a minimum fifty meters, as otherwise, you’ll have to be careful when exposing it to water. Remember to pay special attention to this feature in order to avoid purchasing a model that is not resistant to rain, let alone diving. Visit this page to learn more about the water-resistant mark that is stamped on each wristwatch having such a feature.

Check luminescence

When setting off for an adventure, you are likely to remain outdoors even after nightfall. Therefore, it’s essential to be capable of reading your watch in order to keep track of time. However, considering the pitch darkness of forests, you won’t be able to read the time unless the hands or digits are luminous.

By not purchasing a luminous model, you’d have to use your torch every time you need to check the hour. Anyhow, holding your torch in one hand and your equipment in the other isn’t exactly practical in this type of situation. Conversely, luminous hands and digits are certainly far more convenient.

Consider battery life

Another essential feature of rugged wrist watches is their battery life, particularly if spending a few days in the wilderness. Since you won’t be near any power source, you need to select a variant with excellent battery longevity, not less than forty-eight hours.

Nevertheless, in case you are planning to take a longer trip, make sure you purchase a rugged wristwatch whose battery lasts more than four days. Usually, the ones with lithium-ion batteries are considered to be a more reliable choice.

In addition, you have the option of buying a solar watch that gets charged when being exposed to sunlight. These variants tend to be costlier, but are definitely worth the investment for real adventurists, spending more than a couple of days outdoors.

Check size and weight

Due to the choice of materials and numerous features, most rugged wrist watches tend to be rather bulky. Since you’ll be wearing this device for hours, even days, it’s important to be compatible and comfortable.

Therefore, if possible make sure you purchase a normal-sized, lightweight device whose weight won’t even be felt on your wrist. A bulky device is also more prone to getting damaged, as you are more likely to bump, drop, or scratch it due to its size.

Choose the right features

A rugged watch is worth nothing without its additional features, which are considered to be indispensable when going in the middle of nowhere. You are advised to choose a device that is armed with a barometer, to check the air pressure as well as an altimeter, to keep track of the altitude.

Furthermore, make sure it also has a thermometer in order to check the difference between the day and night temperature. Anyhow, your wristwatch is supposed to be equipped with a GPS feature in case you lose track of your itinerary. GPS will not only help you find the right way but also enable you to make a route plan prior to heading to the woods.

Apart from GPS, choosing the compass as an additional feature is beneficial as well. This feature can prove to be life-saving in regions with no reception. If you know how to read a compass, you’ll have no trouble finding your way.

Follow the maintenance instructions

Although rugged watches are designed to last a long period of time and withstand various kinds of damage, you need to maintain their cleanliness in order to prolong their lifetime. Remember to clean it frequently with a tiny tool, without submerging it underwater. Never clean it with water, until you’ve checked the water-resistant mark on the back of the device.

Wrap up

In order to make the right choice, look for a highly durable, water-resistant, and lightweight model.
It’s an investment worth making!

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