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Incorporating Theatre Into Your Next Trip

When we plan our travel around the world, we tend to like to consider what we’re going to do in each place we visit. We head to Trip Advisor and see the best things to do. We look up recommendations and reviews online. We ask friends what they think and whether they’ve been to certain places and what they experienced and enjoyed. But a major attraction in certain places that often get missed off travel plans is theatre!

Now, we don’t tend to miss this activity of our itinerary on purpose. We just associate going to the theatre with being at home and heading to the local theatre to catch a local play or small scale musical. But if you’re visiting some of the world’s major cities, you could find yourself in close proximity to some of the best and most renowned and acclaimed theatres in the world. So, don’t miss them off your to-do list!

Make sure to pack something that will be deemed appropriate to wear to the theatre (smart casual usually works fine) and arrive early to make sure you can familiarise yourself with the new theatre space and find your seats before the show starts.

If you’re not sure what play you’d like to see, don’t worry! The infographic by broadway tickets below will help determine the perfect show for you!

Infographic Design By broadway tickets

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