Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit

Have you ever considered the idea of long term travelling? Students do it all the time, don’t they? They take a year out of their studies and travel around certain continents or see all parts of the world over a course of weeks to years before heading back into normal day to day life. What they must experience and the memories they get to make must surpass some of the other aspects of their lives. However, we reach a point in our lives and doing something like this is considered out of the ordinary.

Sure you might book your holidays. Research destinations to visit for a maximum of two to three weeks at the most. Unsure of wanting to take too much time away from the day job. But, what is stopping you taking a career break? What is stopping you going traveling on an extended holiday? Seeing the world, taking in some of the furthest destinations and witnessing sites beyond your dreams?

The truth is, we can all do it, it’s just a case of taking the time to prepare, to plan, and of course, that utter leap of faith to do something against the grain. It can also be a time in your life where you get to learn so much about yourself. You will be able to put things into perspective far greater than you perhaps can now, and the memories will just be priceless. But, if this has got you inspired to consider doing this at some stage in your life, where should you go? What should you see? I wanted to share with you some of locations and hotspots that I think are worth adding to any extended long term trip. If you don’t do it all in one go then certainly add these places to your bucket list to at least see one day.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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Australia is definitely on bucket lists I can imagine, but as the country is vast, it can certainly be a place that you can spend time exploring. Of course you have some of the major cities to contend with. Perhaps visiting the popular Sydney, where iconic landmarks are to be witness such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the botanical gardens. Theres the amazing Bondi beach for all those that love to surf and even some of the quieter suburbs in and around the city are a must. You also have Melbourne, which is certainly one place you should see at some stage in your life. With its coffee loving culture and its vibrant city action there isn’t much you can’t love about it. Perth, Brisbane, Cairns, there is bound to be something you want to see and do which makes Australia a must see place.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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The island city of Singapore is another destination you will not want to miss out when taking a trip of a lifetime. It has so much to offer in regards to the city itself, as well as grand buildings such as the city hall. There is a great feel to the city that may see you wanting to set up as a temporary base there while you explore other areas of Asia. Looking to rent a house in singapore can be done, and you could even use it as an opportunity to explore working within different cultures and environments. The work experience gained could be a great addition to your resume when you return.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are a great place to visit, and you get some good benefits. First of all there is the iconic Dubai, the hub of international stopovers. However, Dubai is a fantastic city to consider. You should definitely try and spend some time in this place. You have fabulous shopping malls and places to be entertained.. This place is one to have your credit card close by but there are also the fabulous souk markets where you can witness the beautiful gold, textiles and take in the atmosphere. There is also Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is impressive beyond belief. But many people just use it as hub to head on to Australia or the Far-east. But you won’t be disappointed by giving this city a chance and staying a few extra days.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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The USA. With its fifty states you may be wondering if all will get a mention, but let’s be honest, there are some more popular choices of destinations in the US to visit, and they certainly should be considered for any long term adventure you have planned. First of all you have California, with Los Angeles being the home of Hollywood and San Francisco being known for its sophisticated vibe there is much to love. Florida is also a popular state thanks to the likes of Orlando and all of its popular theme park locations. There is New York, Las Vegas, Houston and Austin in Texas, you could spend most of your trip touring the USA and still find that there are places to see and things to do.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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New Zealand

Many people will have Australia on their list but forget about the likes of New Zealand, perhaps thinking it is too far away. But, this location is definitely one to explore. There is much to see and do in this green place, for example, visiting the film sets of the famous Lord Of The Rings films. So many people who have visited have such a love and admiration for the place that you may find you go back there sooner than you think. A great idea would be to consider a cruise around the North and South Island. Both have a unique charm and the some of the scenery you get to see is simply breathtaking. Not to mention the chance to tag on an extra trip to the Antarctic, or the South Pole.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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Canada is definitely a country we can often forget about when choosing a place to travel to, opting for the USA instead. But being one of the biggest countries in the world, it has much to offer for any traveller looking for adventure and wonder. Canada has many cities with fantastic options including Toronto and Vancouver. But you also have the mountainous regions offering hiking opportunities and chances to relax by the many lakes on offer. It may not have been a common choice, but you will wonder why you have never been there before once you get there. Many also consider visiting Canada for the skiing opportunities it has. There are great mountains to ski down and resorts that can cater for all levels.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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Whether it is the culture that Spain can offer, the wine France can give you, the Christmas flare only Germany can manage, the regalness of the UK, or the chance to witness w wonder of the world in Iceland or Finland for the Northern Lights show, Europe has it all. We haven’t even scratched the service to mention some of the great options available, but it certainly can offer you a great addition to your trip. If food is your thing then the Spanish or Italian cuisines are just wonderful. Spanish has a real tomato and spice to it in some of the dishes and who doesn’t love a decent pasta dish or a scrumptious pizza. France also has some culinary flare but for a region that creates some of the world’s best champagne, checking out the vineyards should be top of the agenda. England has some iconic sites, especially in London, where you can see Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. There are many countries that form part of Europe, Denmark, where the happiest people are known to live. Finland and lapland where Father Christmas lives. Germany, Brussels, and The Netherlands. There is much to take in and lots to see and do so planning for this element of your journey or holiday would be wise.

Long Term Travel: Destinations To Visit
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South America

Finally, you have South America, and while I may be biased being from Brazil, there are some great destinations and countries to visit. Mexico, Chile, and Peru. You could even visit Machu Picchu which is yet another wonder of the world if you wanted to. Mexico is actually a favourite hotspot for holidays, thanks to its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. However, Brazil and Rio De Janeiro could also be a great place to go. Don’t forget the Christ The Redeemer statue to see.

Of course, there are so many other places to mention, that perhaps there is more world than time, who knows. China, Japan, Africa, there is just too much to mention. However, what I hope this has done, is enable you to see that there is a big world out there, and it can be explored. You just need to take that leap of faith one day and decide to do things a little differently. Take that extended holiday, visit someplace new, and make those memories that last a lifetime.

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  1. The Wildest Tales says:

    Australia is a county I would only visit if I had a month off. It’s too big and the travel is too exhausting to go there just for a couple of day (I’m from Europe). Planning my career break and major life change next year so I hope to have more time for travelling.

  2. I would love to try some long-term travel in any of the places you’ve highlighted. I actually opted out of studying abroad so I could get out of school faster and work towards being able to travel on my own terms in the future. Great article!

  3. Taylor Johnson says:

    OMG I can’t wait to go to Hobbit town. Literally like my dream to go see that place in New Zealand!

  4. Wonderful post and some really great ideas! These are some great places to visit, especially Canada (I’m Canadian so need to show love for my home country 😉). It’s such a beautiful and vast country that varies from one region to another, a real treat to visit!

  5. Hannah Denton says:

    Yes! I’d love to do it again, I’ve been to australia traveling before!

  6. I’d love to visit all of these countries! So far from all these I’ve been only in Italy, France and Germany. 🙂

  7. I have visited every place you mention except Singapore. I really would like to visit there someday. I visited Brazil earlier this year. It was very beautiful! I LOVED Corvocado Mountain and Igassu Falls.

  8. I would love to do some long term travel. I wish I had more time to !

  9. Visiting Australia and New Zealand is on my mind since forever! This is a great post and the pictures are amazing.


  10. I try not to have regrets in my life but sometimes I really regret that I didn’t do longer term travel before I had my daughter this year! This is a great list!

    1. Aaah but every phase of life is nice anyways! Perhaps you can start bringing her in your future travels when she grow up a little!

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