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Lugagge Organizers: Best Travel Accessories for Packing your Bags

Packing your luggage before a trip can be really stressful, being honest, this is one of the tasks I like the least, you need to think about so many things, and make sure you don’t forget to pack the most important things, otherwise, you will be miles away when you finally realize you didn’t bring it.

That’s why it is important to write down a packing list before even starting to pack your luggage to make sure that you will not leave gadgets, documents or chargers behind.

As the days pass by during your trip, your bag will become more and more messy, as, in the excitement of the trip, we end up packing everything in a rush when we are in transit. This can be a problem, we reach a point we can’t find anything inside our bags, and who knows, between excitement and messy rooms we can end up leaving something behind without noticing.

But as there are always ways to make life easier and bags less messy as well, and here goes a list of the best travel accessories that you need to help you keep your luggage organized!


Lugagge Organizers: Best Travel Accessories for Packing your Bags

Passport cover

We, girls, love passport covers (click here to check it), because they are cute and colorful, but besides visual cuteness, they are really useful, passport covers protect your passport, besides that, some are just like small wallets, so besides your passport, you can keep other documents, money, and your credit cards together in place, making it harder to lose your passport somewhere.


Packing Cubes

They are great if you like to divide your clothes and belongings into different categories (click here to check it), they come in different sizes and fit perfectly inside your bag. It makes the way easier to find your pair of jeans or that especific shirt if you know exactly where they are. Another usage for the organizer bags is the separate your clean clothes from your dirty ones.

Toiletry bag

Besides your packing cubes, it is also good to have a toiletry bag (click here to check it) to keep all your hygienic items, toothpaste, and toothbrush, comb, some makeup you want to bring, perfume etc. It keeps them protected and in place so that you will be sure the contains won’t open and mess all your clothes.



Money belt

Highly recommend this! It looks just like a silly simple thing but guys, don’t let the simplicity of its appearance mislead you! A money belt (click here to check it) is the safest way to carry your money around and avoid pickpockets along the way. You can also carry one of your credit cards in it for an emergency usage or even one of your documents or a copy of your passport.

It goes underneath your clothes so nobody can see it. You can put part of the money you are sure you gonna use during the day, inside your wallet and the rest of it, leave in the money belt. Also, it is better than leaving all your money in the hotel.

SD card cover

If you have a lot of media or is planning to produce a lot of media like photos and video during your trip, it is good to bring more than one SD card, and to carry them all with you make sure they won’t get lost, after all, they are tiny little things, keep them in an SD card cover (click here to check it), besides organizing your SD cards it will also protect them during your trip.


Shoe bags

For those of you who are not a fan of organizer bags, but like me, you don’t like your shoes touching deliberately your clothes, you will need some shoe bags. They work just like organized bags but for shoes only, they are transparent so you can see each pair of shoes you packed, so itis easier to locate each one of them, and besides keeping them organized, shoe bags (click here to check it) also keep your baggage clean.

Medication pot

Medication pot (click here to check it) is great for people who take a specific medicine or vitamins every day, you can pack in each box the medicines you need for that day, so you don’t need to bring each medicine pot on your trip, you just pack the amount you need for every day, so your medicines are kept organized, easy to find and protected.



Luggage tag

When traveling you need to make sure your bag will be easy to locate and identify, it is also important to tag your bag and leave some information for a contact in case your bag goes missing. That’s what Luggage tags (click here to  it) checkare for, as it goes your name, address and contact number.



Travel bottles

You probably heard that it is not possible to bring any liquid inside the airplane’s cabin and there is a limited amount of liquid you can bring. Travel bottles (click here to check it) are exactly for this moment, they can be filled with the amount accepted by air companies. So you can bring water, juice, tea, etc with you inside the cabin of the aircraft.



Cable management sleeve

Cables are always a problem, being honest I’m still trying to figure out in what position I need to keep them to don’t damage or break the cables, so if in the house it is already hard, imagine inside a bag full of other things. In these moments that a Cable management sleeve (click here to check it) sounds pretty handy. You can keep all your cables together in the sleeve and protect them during your travels.


Battery storage

If like me, you travel with more than one camera and more than one battery set for each, you will like to have battery storage (click here to check it), so that your batteries don’t run free, up and down inside your bag and you don’t lose any of them.


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    17 de March de 2018 at 18:56

    I couldn’t agree more with the packing cubes! They help save so much space!

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    janna conner
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    I’ve been curious to try packing cubes, perhaps I will now!

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    8 de July de 2018 at 17:07

    Great post, but I noticed that you didn’t mention an electrical adapter…. We’re going to France and was sure to order enough adapters to help power our cell phones and cameras. I will be ordering a money belt or two, so thank you for reminding me of that. 👍🏽

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    9 de July de 2018 at 08:16

    This is super handy. I will definitely try packing cubes! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Hope you can check out our Instagram Influencer Auditor at, where it helps you check your Instagram account for fake followers and likes!


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