Modern Alternatives to Luxury Accommodation in Australia

Vacation time is what most people worldwide cherish the most. Planning your getaway trip is usually very exciting and something that gives you an adrenaline rush. A perfect vacation consists of several factors like location, transport, and a place to stay. Choosing a perfect spot where you’ll be able to relax isn’t as easy as it may seem.

In order to organize a perfect vacation, you should know what you’d enjoy the most. Is it sandy beaches, mountain tops, or is it something else? After you’ve figured out the perfect place for your holiday, you’ll need to figure out where you want to stay and under which conditions. 

Different tourists have various requests for luxury. On this page, you can see what types of tourists exist, according to hospitality experts. Travelers can choose between many options, starting with cheap Bed & Breakfast (B&B) to extremely luxurious solutions like 5-star hotels. There are even ultra-luxurious options available, like cruise ships, 7-star hotels in Dubai, etc.

Luxury Concept Has Changed

Tourists nowadays have become more environmentally friendly, but that’s not all. Today, a lot of people prefer to enjoy nature. They tend to focus more on rooms and facilities that are more involved with nature than expensive, yet unnatural accommodating options. 

As peoples’ minds have changed and focused more on preserving and enjoying nature, so did their idea of a vacation. Today, the luxury concept isn’t all about all-inclusive service, diamond doorknobs, golden mirrors, and water beds. It’s about being in harmony with nature and enjoying all it offers.

Today’s luxury concept includes simpler and more exciting options for staying in, like a cabin in the woods or a spacious tent. These units belong to the concept of sustainable development, as they are built with a minimum of artificial materials and pollutants. And again, they are providing tourists with an ultimate vacation experience out in the open. 

New Wave of Luxury Vacation

Many people have come to realize that spending their vacation in a 5-star hotel should provide them with the ultimate experience, but there’s something much better. How about a 5-billion-star hotel? Placing a tent on a hill-side or the top of the mountain and enjoying the night skies with the warmth of crackling fire brings a much better experience and a closer connection to nature.

The original idea was a connection with nature. There are beautiful places all over Australia, with astonishing landscapes and views worth of billions. You can’t get that by staying in a 5-star hotel, despite all the amenities you can enjoy there.

Another benefit of alternative luxury accommodation is that it’s much cheaper than a room in a luxurious hotel. It’s well-equipped and provides all necessary comfort, respecting rules regarding environmental sustainability. The most common options for this ‘new luxury’ accommodation are lodges and tens. Tents actually represent the new direction of tourism called glamping.

What Luxurious Lodges Offer

Cabin lodges are not the first association when you think about fancy furnished accommodation. At first glance, they kept their original construction – simple facilities made of natural materials like wood and stone. But from the inside, it’s like you enter a whole new dimension.

Given the Australian climate, which can be quite unpredictable, these accommodation units are equipped with air conditioners and ventilation. Hot water and a toilet are there to give you a feeling of complete comfort. These already lift the experience of staying in lodges to a new level.

 These accommodation units shouldn’t contain too many benefits from the modern world, as the idea is enjoyment in simplicity. Yet, you can find lodges equipped with LED TV, sound system, water bed, hot tub, or spa.  

Luxuriously equipped lodges combine the best from both worlds, both fancy hotels and simple, traditional living in lodges. Travelers can rent these units in various locations. Some of these lodges are right next to lakes, rivers, mountain tops, or beaches. If you know where you want to spend your vacation, all you need to figure out is that this type of accommodation is perfect for your new adventure.

Why Are Lodges and Tents Excellent Accommodation?

First of all, you can find a lodge in any size you need. Whether you plan a romantic weekend for two, or a fun family trip, these luxurious units can provide you with anything you need. You can even stay in lodges big enough to host dozens of guests (like a hotel apartment). 

If you plan a trip with your friends and their families, you can split the accommodation costs and still enjoy all the luxury this accommodation offers. Renting an apartment or several rooms in a 5-star hotel would probably cost a fortune.

Secondly, most of these lodges and cabins, like those found on,  offer numerous amenities like large canopies, fenced areas with sports fields, swimming pools, barbeque, etc. They’re also perfectly located near attractive locations like lakes, beaches, national parks, hiking trails, etc.

And last but not least, this type of accommodation offers you much-needed peace and privacy. Even if you stay in luxury lodges along with other people, the crowd is much smaller than in a hotel. You have more chances to be alone and take refuge somewhere in nature.

Room Service on Request

Most of these lodges have no room service or maintenance staff, so you’ll have to clean up after yourself and prepare food yourself. It makes sense and fits into the concept of this type of luxurious vacation, as employees would disturb your peace. But some lodges across Australia offer all-inclusive services as well, upon request. You can decide upfront if you need these services or not, and your choice will reflect on the rental price.


Alternative luxury accommodating options across Australia are blooming. They’re much quieter options, they cost less, and they’ll provide you with a vacation that you deserve and need. Make sure to choose the area you want to spend your vacation in and find the alternative luxury accommodation that suits you best.

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