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Must Have Outdoor Travel Products

Despite loving to have contact with the nature and being outside, I know how uncomfortable it can get sometimes when you are outdoor, camping somewhere in the middle of a trail or hiking some mountains and you find yourself in the need of basic stuff, but suddenly you are so far from the civilization that it is just too hard to get.

When you are in the middle somewhere, sometimes it is just hard to do daily life tasks, for example, nowadays, in this digital era, it is just hard to run out of battery, how will you contact your family to tell them “mom I’m freezing in a tend in the middle of Himalaya, but yeah, I’m still breathing” or for me, who have such a sensitive stomach, sometimes drinking a simple natural water without getting dysentery is a challenge.

To avoid these unnecessary situations, I created this list of the must-have outdoor travel products that includes items that I already used and helped me a lot, and others that I wish I had before so I would have saved some time and nerves.

Must Have Outdoor Travel Products


Portable Cutlery

To be honest, I carry this with me all the time even when I’m not camping or anything. Sometimes we are walking on the street and we find something that looks really tasty but we don’t want to mess around our fingers and clothes, or even, you can use your hands but there are no public toilets around to wash your hands later.

This happened to be a lot when I was in Peru and Bolivia, so I suddenly passed by a shop in Copacabana, a city by the Titicaca lake, and found this portable cutlery (click here to check it) to sell, of course, I bought it and now I wonder why it took me so long to finally get one of those, I could have used it on so many other occasions! But indeed really useful and I really recommend to carry one in your bags anywhere.

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Water Bottle

Another must! Definitely, it is essential if you are hiking or camping somewhere but it is also VERY useful even if you are in an urban area.

Of course, you can buy water bottle in any market, shop, or vending machine but it is good to bear in mind that depending on where you are in the world, you can totally drink tap water and you will be fine, as it is the case of the European countries.

Carrying your water bottle (click here to check it) with you means you can refill it anywhere, everytime you need. In Italy for example, you have fountains everywhere where you can refill your bottle, you will find these fountains, even in the old city of Pompeii, if it wasn’t for my water bottle, I would have died thirsty there, as I wouldn’t have thought of buying water before going, it was cloudy and cold, but once I arrived there, the sun came out, without water it would be total dehydration.

Portable Water Purifier

On the other hand, if you are in a country where it is not recommended to drink tap water, which includes most of the countries in South America, Africa, Asia, etc, or even if you are trekking and your water source is questionable, you may want to purify your water before refilling your water bottle.

Being honest, I didn’t know it was possible until my friends showed me this portable water purifier (click here to check it), perhaps it may sound too much technology, but we guys, it is a thing. You can now purify your own water wherever you are, it kills all germs that can be nocive for you! Very useful if you are in regions where you can’t drink tap water.


Solar Powered Flashlight

I consider this as a survival item. Those who are into outdoor activities know how important it is to have a flashlight with you. But you not always have batteries or a place to charge it…no electricity, remember?

If you are outdoor, you may want a flashlight that won’t turn you down when you need it the most. It won’t be cool if you need to go out of your tend during the night, it is dark outside, you grab your flashlight and PUFF, no charge!

To avoid this silly situation, get yourself a solar-powered flashlight (click here to check it), you can charge it during the day when you have daylight and use it during the night without worrying.

Solar Powered Chargers

Same as your gadgets, you won’t want to run out of battery in the middle of your 7 days trekking.

How will you take photos? How will you connect with the rest of the world, or if you are trying to avoid having contact with the rest of the world, how will you at least contact your mom? And in the worst scenario although I hate thinking about worst scenarios, how will you contact help if you wind up needing it?

Most of us like to disconnect from the external world during trekkings and campings but liking it or not, having batteries on your gadgets is important even if you plan to have them turned off most of the time.

To avoid these situations above, you can get a solar power charger (click here to check it), just like the solar-powered flashlight, you can simply recharge it every day using daylight and charge your gadgets with it.

Travel Sewing Kit

This item is another one for the “Not only Outdoor” series. You never know when you will need ot. Of course, your chances to rip your clothes are higher if you are in a forest for example, but I already managed to rip a shirt or two, walking peacefully on the streets.

Not only that though, in my first trip, somehow I ripped my backpack, which can be a pain in the neck, it was really heavy and things would only get worst if I didn’t have a way to fix it. Thanks to my mom actually, she had bought this travel sewing kit (click here to check it) before the trip and we managed to fix the backpack, and the other clothes in the next trips as well.

Travel Clothesline

For those spending a longer period outdoor, whether you are camping or taking a long road trip somewhere far away, you may want to wash your clothes, I hope, at some point.

To help to dry your clothes, you can get yourself a travel clothesline (click here to check) they are really easy to fix and keep and can help you to avoid that wet smell if you don’t dry your clothes properly


Portable Travel Steamer

Sometimes our bags are such a mess that our clothes end up crumpled, especially if they are made of delicate, thin fabric, the chances are high that it will eventually happen.

To avoid getting out with messy crumpled clothes, it is always good to carry a portable travel steamer (click here to check it) with you, as you not always your hotel or hostel will have any to lend you. They are small and really light, so it won’t be a problem to carry it on your bag.

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