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3 Days in Berlin as a Beginner

For those who don’t speak a word of German, arriving in Berlin, just like in any other Germany city I believe, can be a bit scary, with all those weird and long words that you wonder how it is…


Como Economizar em Londres

Não é novidade que Londres seja uma das cidades mais caras do mundo, especialmente para os turistas, não só porque as coisas são naturalmente caras, mas também devido à moeda britânica, sendo a moeda mais forte do mundo, não…

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How to Save Money in London

It is nothing new that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially for tourists, not only because things are naturally expensive there, but also due to the British currency, being the strongest currency in…

Liebster Award
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Q&A: Liebster Award Nomination

I can pretty much say that I just started my blog last month. Technically, I started it on January, but didn’t pay much attention on each, but on February I decided to take it serious and move to a…

Rio Sena
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A Tour Through The Seine River

A trip to Seine river, is there anything more Parisian than that? On my last visit to Paris, I had a chance to make the boat tour in the Seine, and it was AMAZING. At first, I thought it…