Planning To Move To The Big City?

Are you planning to move to your nation’s capital city? Then it’s going to be unlike any other move you’ll ever make. It’s going to be scary, exciting and full of hiccups. But eventually, you will settle in and start to enjoy your new life in the big city.

Before you can enjoy the bright lights, there’s the task of moving your entire life to one of the busiest places on earth. If you’re moving to Washington D.C. you’re going to have to get used to sharing the outdoors with around 700,000 other people.

Have you prepared for such a giant logistical task? Chances are, you probably think it’s just like any other move. However, when you’re entering into such a densely packed important city, you need to get a few things right. The planning can be done so you fit like a glove, into your new home.

Moving around for work

Chances are that if you’re moving to the capital, you have an important job you’re taking up. Perhaps you’re going to work in politics, business, trade or some kind of financial industry. It’s vital that you prepare to move around without trouble. Look on the WMATA website, and search for a rail pass which you can get to use the Metrorail system.

This is so important because it will allow you to move around the city from day 1. You don’t need to wait in line and buy a ticket just for the day. You should do the same if you’re going to be using the public transport system above ground too.

The buses and trams, also known as the streetcar, are the best ways to move around the inner city unless you’re willing to pay for a taxi.

Book a professional

If you have a lot of large and fragile things, you may want to leave packing up to the professionals. On the MyBekins website, you have a detailed explanation for why they are renowned around the country for national moving services.

Not only can they create custom crates for your most expensive items like artwork, photographs, figurines, and expensive decor, but they can also pack and load everything themselves. You can organize the things you’re taking with you if you want, but they can do everything for you.

From the first item to the last item, they know how to wrap, pack, load and deliver your possessions anywhere in the country. No matter how big the city is, they will navigate to your address and arrive on time if not early.

Give yourself a week

Before you start your new life properly, such as work and friendships, you should give yourself a week. Unpack all your things and get situated. Then get used to your new neighborhood.

Have a walk around the block and beyond. See what kind of amenities you have lurking nearby and then take time to get used to the wider city.

Capital cities are always great fun. The first time you move to one it’s going to be hectic but exciting times wait ahead of you.


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