Planning a YAYcation – How Traveling Brings You Back To Your Best

Dark mornings, dull afternoons, sluggish and bloated after overindulging in the holidays? It’s time to organise yourself and look forward to your summer vacation. Although we talk about it a lot, many of us don’t take regular leave, and even when we do, we often take work of some description along with us, not giving ourselves a break we deserve. If you haven’t booked yours yet, there are some excellent reasons why you should do so, and most of them will make you healthier as well as happier!

Planning a YAYcation - How Traveling Brings You Back To Your Best

Planning a YAYcation – How Traveling Brings You Back To Your Best

Vacations Keeps the dreaded Burnout at bay

Employees who take regular time to relax are far less likely to endure burnout, which in turn will make them more productive and less likely to take sick leave. Those who feel overworked are far more inclined to take a duvet day or merely extend their sick days for as long as possible.

Vacations Increase our Capacity for Creativity

A great holiday can help us to reconnect with ourselves, get us back to feeling our best while working as a conduit for self-restoration.

Vacations Can Keep Us In Good Health

Taking regular breaks to recharge keeps stress levels under control which ultimately leads to keeping our blood pressure and other associated factors under control. Click here for more ways to eliminate stress from your life.

Vacations Offer a chance at a calm mind

A recent in-depth study revealed three days after coming home from vacation, research contributors quality of sleep, general mood and physical complaints as well as overall stress levels, measured by cortisol in the blood, had much improved when compared these measures before setting off on vacation. These improvements were still noticeable and measurable, over five weeks later. It was also found that in those holidaymakers who had experienced “me” time during their vacations, the effects lasted even longer.

Vacations Enhance Romantic Feelings

Just spending time enjoying your life with loved ones at your side can dramatically increase the sense of togetherness and can maintain stable relationships, which in turn assists you in dealing with more stressful situations together. Recent focus groups discovered that women who took regular vacations with their spouse or partner were more satisfied with their relationships.


So what does this say? Ultimately these findings and studies point to one thing, taking regular vacations means you are improving yourself and your health. Choosing a good, restful amount of time away from the everyday stresses of life will give us not only a physical but mental break we require to we return to our regular lives revived, invigorated and better equipped to deal with whatever may be thrown at us.

For those who don’t have either the time or funds to get away and take a ‘formal’ vacation, even finding the time to go somewhere different for a weekend, taking a tent and heading out to nature for a couple of days, may allow for a cheap getaway still capable of restoring our mind, body and soul. Failing that, turning off the tv, closing social media for the weekend and shutting out the stresses of the outside world completely will go some way to maintaining a happy and healthy you. Spending time with those nearest and dearest to us will only enhance those good vibes and help to keep us happy and healthy for the year to come.


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