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RV Renting Tips for an Outdoorsy Person

Going on a road trip once in a few months is a great idea considering that we live in a fast world where you don’t have much time to spend in nature. One of the things you will need is an RV if you want to have an exclusive experience. They can be very expensive depending on the model and features but renting one is also a great solution.

You need to plan your trips a month in advance if you don’t know anything about the location and about the things you need to get. Most people will forget something they want to do or bring so making a plan is crucial. Gather information about the company you are renting from and what type of vehicle you will want to get. Having outdoorsy activities like camping is a great way to reduce stress.

Plan in Advance

When you make a plan and know the destination, you will need to rent the RV but the problem might be that they don’t have one available. You need to call the company on time because most people will go on vacation at the same time. Your family won’t be the only one traveling so call them a month in advance and ask them if they have it available.

Sometimes you will need to make a deal a few months in advance but everything depends on the area and the agency. A great thing is that it is very easy to book an RV over a company’s website but make sure they are reputable before you make the payment. Scammers are in every part of the internet so check if the payment you are about to make is secure. You shouldn’t have any problems if you checked the rental agency.

Types of RV

It’s important to know the types that exist because you will need some of the features depending on the terrain and number of people going with you. If you are bringing 5 people and need a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, Class C will work great. Rent a Class a Motorhome if you want more space and luxurious experience but it may be more difficult to drive because of the size.

A more expensive option will be a fifth-wheel camper that has a dinette, bathroom, kitchen, and two full-sized beds and bunks. You can set a budget depending on how long you will be staying so you can improve your comfort if the trip is for a couple of days. Owning a truck can be a big advantage because you can rent a trailer at a much lower price. Most of them are made for up to 5 people. Read more about it here:

Find a Reputable Agency

Look locally if there are agencies near you because you will be able to check their vehicles and how they operate. If you don’t want to waste too much time, you can visit their website and read reviews from past clients. It is quite easy to see if they are reputable or not, check how long they are in the business, and if everyone is satisfied with their work.

Always have a few choices because there can be multiple firms that operate on a high level. Compare their prices and for most people that will be the main reason to pick someone. The prices can vary a lot and it can depend on the season. Timing is crucial so make sure you get an RV you wanted on time.

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Additional Tips

There are many details you need to take care of like insurance, deposits, additional equipment, and packing. You will be able to bring as many items as the RV size allows so you will need to adapt to it.

Every agency will ask you to provide insurance which usually isn’t very expensive and you get it on the spot. Click here to read more.

Remember that it isn’t like a car and you might have difficulties parking except if it is a remote area. Cleaning can be very expensive so you might think about keeping things clean or prepare yourself to get dirty. It is the best way to travel with family and experience something new but you need to be prepared if you want to have a great time.


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