How to Save Money in London

It is nothing new that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, especially for tourists, not only because things are naturally expensive there, but also due to the British currency, being the strongest currency in the world, it doesn’t make much of an effort to be friendly to our wallets.

Although a trip to London can be economically scary, this shouldn’t be a reason to avoid visiting the city. It is important to note that doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it is always possible to save, and that’s why I will be sharing with you today some tips to save money in London.

First of all, guys, as we say in my place: who converts, don’t have fun, this sounds much better in Portuguese, but the point is: if you start converting and doing the math everytime you want to buy something, darling, DON’T.

Bear in mind that you are in somewhere else in the globe, forget about your own currency and buy what sounds cheap accordingly to the amount of money you have in the local currency.


How to Save Money in London

Buy an Oyster Card

This is the best thing if you want to save money on public transport. Oyster is a card that you use to catch any public transport in the city of London, from buses to undergrounds. It is cheaper, faster and easier than buying tickets everytime you need to take the public transports.

You can buy them in the main stations and recharge them in the stations as well. This is pretty much the first thing you can do as soon as you arrive in London, and don’t be afraid of recharging it, if by any chance you recharge your card and ended up not using it, you can get the money left on your Oyster card back before leaving the city again.

Take away

In a great part of the restaurants in London you will have two options for eating, you either eat there or take away. Take away is cheaper as they don’t charge the table service, and for those wondering, yeah it is a big difference in the price.

I have heard many debates about how expensive it is to eat in London and actually it is not, it can be as cheap as £3 or £4, you just need to be smart and look around, prices there is great, especially for the amount of food that comes in each meal!

Free attractions

There are many free attractions in London that can help you enjoy your trip while saving some money, I can pretty much say that all my favorite attractions are actually free, believe it or not. The list of free attractions is looong, the great part of the museums, including the most important ones, are totally free!

Besides that, most of the tourist points are outdoor so you don’t necessarily need to pay to see them, of course, most of them offer inside guided tours but without it, you won’t be missing much anyways.

Some of the Museums that can be visited for free in London:

  • Museum of London
  • British Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • National Gallery
  • Tate Modern
  • Tate Britain
  • V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum)
  • V&A Museum of Childhood
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • British Library
  • The Bank of England Museum
  • Imperial War Museum
  • National Army Museum
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Royal Air Force Museum
  • St Bride’s Church
  • Somerset House
  • All Hallows By The Tower


Stay in a central Borough

London is divided into Borough, for those who don’t understand or didn’t figure out, it is like neighborhoods or districts. Sometimes, looking for a cheap hotel, we end up finding some in a very far Borough and we think we are making a good deal here but surprise, you are actually not!

Although London is a metropole and there is public transport for everywhere, some boroughs are harder accessible than others or even, more expensive than others. London public transport is divided into zones, the higher the zone the more expensive it is.

To have an idea, if you stay in the central area, the hotel might be a bit more expensive but public transport to visit the most important points of the city, you will pay around £1 or £2, while if you stay in Zone 4 of the public transport, you will pay around £10 coming and going.

Good areas to stay are those close to the main tourist points, these areas tend to be more expensive, but you will end up saving money with the public transport. another area that I recommend is that close to the St Pancras and King’s Cross Station.

Buy food in the supermarket

Another way to avoid spending all your money with meals, you can buy food in the supermarket, no matter where you are in the world, in general, buying food in the supermarket can save you a lot of money.

In many supermarkets not only in London but in Europe in general, they offer a whole meal for a cheap price. If you don’t have a way to heat it, they also offer cold meals: salads or sandwiches.

Drink tap water

I know it might sound very weird for most of the people but, different than many places in the world, in London (as well as many places in Europe in general) you can actually drink water directly from a tap without dying from dysentery (people from 1854 would disagree with me here).

Take the free walking tours

One fun way to visit the touristic points of a city and get to know new people, is to take Walking Tours, they basically work like this, it’s one of two people that work as guides in the city, they form groups (everybody meets in a specific place, like a famous street or  a square) and the guides bring you to the touristic points by walk, while they tell you the history of each point.

There are many options for walks, and even FREE ones, which is even better. These walks are very fun and it is great to hear the history from the locals themselves. In the end, of course, you can be a nice Samaritan and give a small tip in consideration for their time and work.

Book tickets in advance

If you are sure you will visit a certain attraction, try buying the ticket online, this will guarantee you visit, help you save up to 20% and make you skip the queues! Ticket for attractions like London Eye, The Shard, and other tours can be bought online.

Go to the theater for less

If you love art and would love to watch a show in London but is afraid of how expensive it can be, don’t worry. If you buy your tickets in advance you can get good discounts and if you buy it in TKTS booth in Leicester you can get up to 50% discount on last minute tickets!

In general, London is an expensive city, there is no doubt, after all, it is a metropole, a capital, and  tend to have a more expensive way of life, besides that, the strong economy also influences, but like many other cities, there are always ways to save some money and make your trip less painful to your wallet.

It is definitely not a reason to avoid visiting the city, London has a huge historical and cultural weight and has so many things to see, being there you will realize it worths each penny you are spending! Don’t forget to check the 5 days Guide to London.


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  1. That sounds like good advice for traveling in London although I’ve only been there once.

    1. Thank you Frank!! I have been there twice, but the first I went there, many people tried to scary me out saying its too expensie. But there are always ways to save money . I’m totally in love with that city, I have been there twice already and can’t wait to go back lol

  2. Catarina says:

    London is beautiful , it is really a shame that is so expensive! But it’s totally worth it 🙂
    Great article! I actually just wrote one about saving money on food while traveling if you wanna check it out 🙂

    1. Lool I know right!! But definitely not a reason to don’t go there!! I gonna check it out for sure! 😀

  3. Using the ‘Boris bikes’ to get around is always a good time efficient money saver too!

    1. Thats a really good tip!! Then you wouldnt even need to worry about transportation!

  4. Whenever I go somewhere new and have to pay to go into museums I always think “but even the ones in London are free!” There are so many free attractions you’re spoilt for choice. I do love a good London trip 🙂

  5. I loved living in London so much! Like you said, there are heaps of free attractions that you can visit. When I first moved over and was having trouble finding a job, I’d spend days in the museums and art galleries – it was the best! And eating cheap food from Indian takeaways. So delicious!

  6. Great tips! I always feel weird drinking the tap water, but such a great way to save money and the environment!

  7. These are very good tips. I have visited London several times and didn’t know about Boroughs until now. Oystercard is a good to have. I remember my first tube trip from zone 1 to zone 4 without Oystercard. I was shocked by the amount I had to pay for that ticket 🙂

  8. This is such a handy guide! We live in London, so when friends come to visit, we try to help them ‘live like locals’ and usually cook for them at home so they can save money. But I’ll definitely need to send this to them when they are out doing touristy things. The part about London’s free attractions is SO true – especially with views. The London Eye is so expensive but there are plenty of free places where you can get the same views!

  9. Katie Dickinson says:

    I totally agree with staying in a central location – I spent 3 nights off Kings Cross/St. Pancras and then another 3 off Oxford circus – and it saved me a tone in transit fees being so central (and a little bit stubborn since I walked almost everywhere lol). And again, you’re very right about the list of free things to do – walking around Little Venice or Notting Hill are free – and so is the wall and walking along the river! Definitely helps save for a few select tourist items (like Tower of London!)

    1. hahahah the first time I went to London I walked everywhere too!!

  10. Great tips! This is probably the first time that I’ve heard someone say “London can be cheap”. Such a good advice on food prices, free tours, transport fees. Thanks, I’ll have that in mind! 🙂

    1. yeeah!! There are always way to make things cheaper hahaha

  11. Alexxa says:

    I loved my visit to London but I have been told it is a fortune to live there. This is definitely helpful, I have a huge crush on London and would love to call it home (at least for a year or so hehe)

    1. To be honest, me too!! I dream of living there, but indeed the cost of living is quite expensive!

  12. Interesting points! Additionally, tourists could buy chocolates and souvenirs in the supermarket or at the local chocolate shops instead of the airport as they are a lot cheaper!

    1. this is so true!!Buying it in supermarkets would be even cheaper than buying them in the souvenir shops as well!

  13. I am actually planning a London/Paris vacation within in the next year. This post will come in handy. Thanks

  14. Love these great points you made! Really helpful for travel there in the future.

  15. Carmel says:

    One day I will get to London! And when I do I will most likely be broke and will look up this guide! Thanks so much!

  16. I’ve always wanted to visit London myself, but on top of getting a visa and the cost of flights, it’s been put on the back burner. Thanks for the list, I’ll definitely have to move my travel plans up on my bucket list.

  17. stephanie says:

    Im going to London this month so this article was very helpful!

    1. That`s great to hear Stephanie! I wish you a good stay there, and don`t forget to follow the tips to save some money 😀

  18. Thanks for these useful tips on saving money when visiting London. This city has been on our radar for a long time, but it is expensive. These tips should make it an affordable trip.

  19. This is a great list of ways to save money in London. I can’t wait to start planning my trip with my husband.

  20. Never been to England, but it seems like good advice, its better to save money on unimportant thing and just enjoy your experience.

  21. I went to London last August. We didn’t end up spending that much money. The only activity we paid for was the London Eye (which was so much fun). Thanks for these tips!

  22. Werry well written post, everything is like you described. From my two visits to London I did exactly what you said and manage to not spend all of the money while enjoying thr perks of the town 🙂

    1. Yaaay that’s Great!! I’m so glad to hear you managed to save some money while enjoying your time there! 😀 Thank you so much!

  23. Natalie rose says:

    Great advice. I actually live in London and think this post is very accurate and helpful

  24. Totally agree with the oyster card and the free attractions, like museums. I definitely did those when I visited!

  25. Thanks Isadora, its is great to know the ways to lower down the expenses in an expensive place like London.

  26. Susannah says:

    Great tips! The list of museums is awesome. We like to get food from supermarkets as often as possible, and only eat out once a day. Really helps and it’s nice to do regular things like a local!

  27. […] is the tip that will help you to save some money in London. Lots of touristic places (and not only in London) offer 1 or 2 GBP discount if you buy tickets […]

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