Aquadom & Sea life Berlin: Berlin From A Different Angle

During our 3 day trip to Berlin, we bought a hop-on hop-off bus ticket for two days, and with that came a book of discounts to other attractions, including things like visiting the Berlin Cathedral and the Aquadom & Sea Life Berlin.

For those who don’t know, Aquadom Berlin is the biggest cylindric aquarium in the world. It is located inside the Sea Life Berlin, which is one of the aquariums of the Sea Life company, that operates in other major cities like Paris, London, and Orlando

The aquarium really caught our attention, we have never been to an aquarium before, can you believe that? And, as we got a good discount, we were tempted to visit, and although the aquarium is kind of small, it was fun for us, since it was the first time we were seeing such a thing.

Sea Life Berlin

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AquaDom Berlin & SEA LIFE Berlin: Once upon a Time there was a Tank

Visiting SEA LIFE Berlin Aquarium

Sea Life Berlin isn’t a big aquarium, but if you are new to aquariums, and have never visited one before, just like me when I first visited the Sea Life, this will be a fun experience.

However, if you are used to big aquariums, you might be a bit disappointed, since here you will find more common species of fish. Despite the size, set aside at least one or two hours to visit the whole aquarium.

Sea Life Berlin
Sea Life Berlin
Sea Life Berlin

There are some interesting rooms where you can see shoals of fish swimming all around you, a tunnel with rays that will make you feel like you are completely submerged and other rooms imitating the natural habitats that are normally found in the European region, like the Wannsee lake or the Spree river.

It has around 35 pools with more than 5,000 animals of different species, from jellyfish, starfishes, lobsters, seahorses, etc. But bear in mind that this is not a Sea World, nor a Dubai Aquarium. Don’t expect to see big fishes and mammals. There are no sharks or whales.

The AquaDom Berlin

Although the Aquadom is located inside the Sea Life Berlin, the aquarium and the AquaDom are different attractions. You can visit the Aquadom also from the bottom if you are, by any chance, staying in the Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin, or if you are having a meal in the hotel’s restaurant, as the Aquadrom is located in the middle of this restaurant.

However, to visit it from “inside” (taking the elevator up inside the tank), you must buy the combined ticket for the Sealife & Aquadom at the entrance of Sea Life Berlin, and make all your way through the aquarium in order to be able to get to the Aquadom. It is not possible to buy the ticket for the Aquadom alone though.

Sea Life Berlin
Sea Life Berlin

The size of the AquaDom itself is impressive. You can get an elevator to the top and enjoy the view from a tube inside the cylindric tank on your way up and down. There are 1.500 fish from almost 100 different species inside the tank, but they are all from small species.

Now, I know you might be imagining something like the scenes of Finding Nemo, with those fishes in the color of the rainbow but, you can forget them now, the species in the AquaDom are in general, normal greyish fishes, with the exception of some yellow ones, that you will definitely recognize from Finding Nemo if you were a happy kid like me.

The sensation inside the cylindric tank is so nice, it gives such a peaceful feeling seeing all those fishes swimming around you totally carefree about the world. You feel like spending the whole day there but unfortunately, the way up and down is quite fast, because of course, just like you, there are many people down there waiting to enjoy the relaxing AquaDom trip.

But don’t worry about waiting too much time in line, although the line for the Aquadrom can get crowded sometimes, the elevator has two floors and good capacity, so you won’t need to spend too much time waiting for your turn.

In my opinion, the AquaDom is an interesting attraction, but it is not the 8th wonder of the world. If you have a short stay in Berlin or are an economic person, I would suggest you save money and time for other attractions instead.

But if you want to try something different, or is your first time visiting an aquarium, or even if you are traveling with kids, this would definitely be a good option.

How to get there:

The Aquadom & Sea life Berlin is located in the Spandauer Straße 3, 10178 Berlin. To get there, you can take bus number 100, or number 200. If you prefer the metro, you can take it to the Alexanderplatz station and walk to the Sea Life buildings, which is not far from the Alexanderplatz at all.

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  1. No Great White Sharks?????
    oh wait,they have catfish???
    I’m so there!!!

  2. Wow! This looks magnificent. I live in Monterey and our Aquarium is really fun to go to.

  3. Since I visited the aquarium in Sydney (where they have sharks, manta rays and even a dungon) I am Always so dissapointed by aquaria anywhere else! Still, I can’t seem to stay away from them. The underwater world holds something mysteriously appealing! (The one in Lisbon is pretty good though!)

    1. Aaaw I wish to visit a big aquarium with sharks etc! Sea Life Berlin was the first aquarium I visited, but besides it I haven’t been to nay big aquarium! T_T

  4. I love a great aquarium. So far the best one I have been to was the one in Barcelona. Berlin is definitely on my list of places to go so I will have to check out the aquarium there if I have the extra cash. I appreciate your honesty. Sometimes people rave about something and then you are disappointed when you get there lol.

  5. I enjoy visiting just about any aquarium, as long as I avoid seeing any eels. I really don’t like eels. The Aquadom sounds interesting. I’ve never been in something like that.

  6. Ive never been to Berlin and had no idea they had an aquarium! My kids love places like this! Okay, I do too!

    1. hahahahaha don’t worry, I’m a 22 years old and I also love these kind of stuff!!

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