Taking Care Of Yourself Whilst You’re Travelling

No matter the kind of travel you’re undertaking, whether you’re on a hiking journey or you’re breezing down the highway in your car, to exploring the air in a plane or cruising along the expansive waters of the Earth, there are quite a few things to account for.

Taking care of your health when you’re traveling means you’re going to have a much better time when you finally do touch down at your destination, and the energy you’re going to feel will be boundless! And if you traveling by yourself, you will want to take precautions and make sure to keep yourself healthy and energetic.

Here are few tips for you to try out when you’re next planning a trip overseas, or even out to the fields behind your house!

Taking Care Of Yourself Whilst You’re Travelling

Stock Up on Water Bottles

Everybody needs water to live, and there’s no better need for it when you’re on your feet all day in weather conditions you’re not used to. When you’re drinking as much water as you can in 24 hours, even on a normal 9 to 5 you work at home, you’re going to be taking in about 1 to 2 liters of fluid that’ll make the day run a lot smoother.

When you’re out in the blazing heat in a country you’re not familiar with, make sure you stick to this rule and have a couple of water bottles in your bag to sip from regularly. You don’t want a good vacation away to turn into a single memory of you fainting on a trail!

Take vitamins

Although we like to believe all the vitamins our body needs can easily be found in our diet, it is not always true, some vitamins that we ingest during our meals are not enough to supply our body’s need. A good example of this is the Vitamin C, we strongly believe that as long as we eat oranges, our body will have enough Vitamin C to help strengthening the immune system, which is not true, your body would need a huge amount of oranges every day to have a good supply of Vitamin C, however, the amount of oranges ingested to provide you with this amount of Vitamin C could cause you diabetes.

Taking a vitamin complex is good even if you are just planning to stay at home, but especially important if you are traveling, and/or making exercises. It will give you more strength, disposition and improve your immune system.

Give yourself some rest

I know how excited we get when we finally arrive at our destination, we are curious, we want to see everything, we want to enjoy every second of the trip, but guys, listen to your body. Although most of the flights, train or bus trips consists of you sitting, “relaxing” and waiting, the journey can be pretty exhaustive, and even if you feel like you are ready to walk the whole day, it is better to rest a little bit before going out of your hotel room to explore.

Also, remember that your body needs to rest for 6 to 8 hours a day, so give it time, try to sleep well and for at least 6 hours every day,  otherwise, you will feel burnout in the middle of your trip.

Eat light and healthy

Sometimes it feels so good to eat junk food, a burger here, a hot dog there, who doesn’t love the junk day? But let’s remember that this is not a good diet to follow every single day, especially if you are making lots of exercises (even if it means spending the day walking slowly around the city). Again, your body needs vitamins to keep itself standing, junk food won’t give your body everything it needs during the day, plus as it is heavy food, it will probably make you feel tired faster and after some days eating it, you will feel indisposition.

Try eating healthy food, fruits, salads, nothing too artificial. Also, avoid eating heavy food that will make you feel tired, try eating things that are easy for your body to digest and absorb.

Take Some Good Photos, and Bring a Sketchpad

When it comes to experiencing the best places in the world, you will want to preserve your memory for the rest of your life. And there’s no better way to do this than to be a little creative! Make sure you carry your camera and batteries to take lots of pictures.

Another cool way to save your memories during your trip is to write a Travel Jounal, where you can write about your day and experiences or draw what you have seen and liked. Even if you are not an artist, it can be a lot of fun to try to reproduce a landscape you are seeing.

Use a Rewards Program

When you’re travelling, you can make back a lot of money on your time and efforts with just a simple card in your pocket. So when it comes to finding the best-united airlines credit card, you need to consider what’s right for your purposes alone, and not take other people into account.

It’s always worth it to take out a credit card in life, as a lot of things are determined by your ability to cope with a little bit of good debt here and there. Yet, a card specifically catered to your travelling needs often means you can get a free trip from the mileage you’re accumulate here and there.


There’s a lot you can do to take care of yourself when travelling, so make sure you listen to your own needs. Your body knows what it can handle, so try taking a nap!




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