Things To Consider Before Moving Abroad

Travelling is a wonderful experience and opens you up to many different cities, cultures, and ways of life. But what happens if while on your travels you fall so in love with a place you decide you never want to leave?

Moving countries is a big step and one which needs some serious thought put into it. Here are the01 things to consider before you decide to move abroad. 

How long do you plan on staying for

Although you may have loved visiting this country for a few weeks or even a month, how long do you really see yourself moving there for?

The length of time you wish to spend living there will have a huge impact on the processes you need to go to and the costs that may be involved. Legally moving abroad for an extended period of time or even permanently will often involve extensive visa applications and you may even need a green card attorney.

Before jumping to a permanent stay many countries offer visitors the opportunity to live and work for a period of a few years on an extended visa, this is a great way to make sure that you really love the place and to prepare yourself for a full green card or citizenship application. 

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What will be the cost to move over

Whereas you may have lived out of a backpack on your previous visit moving abroad will involve either taking a few more things with you or buying a lot of things when you get out there.

You may be able to move into an apartment which is fully furnished which helps hugely with furniture costs, but if you plan on taking your own furniture with you then you can expect to pay some hefty transportation costs.

In addition to your furniture you will want to think about how you will transport your personal possessions such as clothing, can you fit it all into some extra carry on luggage or will you need to ship it too?

Whichever you decide just remember that the more you take, the more you should be prepared to pay.


How much will it cost to visit home

Moving abroad will often mean leaving behind your friends and family and depending on how far you have moved this may make it costly to visit home.

Make sure you understand the cost implications of being away from home and how this may limit the amount of time you get to spend with your family and friends.

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What you will do for work

How you will support yourself when you move abroad is a very important factor. What kind of income do you require to sustain the lifestyle you need and want in this new country?

Will you be working to support yourself or do you have savings that you can use? Make sure you research the job market of the country and be aware that some countries may not grant you entry without a job lined up in advance.

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