3 Essential Tips to Visit Museums

If there is something that I love to do when I travel, is to visit museums. I know, I know, it sounds boring, sounds like an old lady routine, but in my defense, I think that there is nothing better than a good amount of history to understand a little bit about the local people.

To be honest with you, visiting museums can be pretty tiring, even for those who like it. I don’t know if there is something in the atmosphere inside it that draws your energy or if it is just the amount of information that burns your brain a little, but I always feel like laying down the rest of the day when i visit museums. Besides, sometimes we travel with someone else that doesn’t really enjoy museums as much as we do, and we start taking too much time in one section and they give us that look. For these reasons, here it goes the tips to visit museums.

3 Essential Tips to Visit Museums

Build an Itinerary

Instead of arriving at the museum had no idea of what you gonna find there, try to build an itinerary for each museum you want to visit in your travel. Try not to pick many museums, as it takes a lot of time plus it is very tiring. After picking the museums you want to visit, check online for the best and most important pieces, and a look at the sections that interest you the most, then make a list of those.

Visit Museums
Visit Museums

Go Directly To The Point

Try to find out exactly where the pieces you want to see are so that you can map your way there in advance. Instead of looking at each part of the museums, go directly to the ones you judged more interesting to you. You can then check the pieces that are on your way, try not to get into other sections that were not part of your map so that you don’t lose your path, nor your time.

Look for the pieces online

Before going to the museum, check online each piece you highlighted, try to get as much information about them as you can. Like this, you will have an idea of their historical value before you actually see the pieces. Plus it will save you from waiting for your time to read the templates, as depending on the museum, will be covered by people trying to do exactly what you intend to do.

Of course, if you have time and patience, this tips doesn’t substitute a full visit, and I highly recommend, if you like history. Knowledge is never enough. But this tip can, in fact, save a lot of time and avoid museum boredom. Although I love museums, I know how long it can take to visit it fully, Louvre, for example, takes 2 days, no kidding, after all, it is the biggest museum in the world, an average museum takes at least half the day if you are that kind of person who stops to admire each painting (nothing against to it though). It is great if you are staying in the city for long, but if you don’t have much time, it is better to rush through the halls a little bit.

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Visit Museums

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  1. Kyle Studstill says:

    Museums are a fantastic place to start when traveling—always a go-to stop for me too, I feel like I know how to explore a new place better with a bit of historical context ​ 🙏🔮


    1. So true, it is a must!

  2. Thats such a great idea. I love Museums too, when we went to the Louvre we had a guide and she took us around to the exhibits that are very popular. I have a tendency to take a picture then look elsewhere for other amazing exhibits. Looking forward to your next post xx

    1. Me too!! I love to see the piece, but im not the kind of person who spend too much time looking at the same one, i usually just take a picture and go!

  3. Such great tips! Especially if you’re going to one of those massive museums like the Louvre or the British Museum, that are like labyrinths. I swear I spent days in the Louvre, just trying to get around and so of course I missed things that I really wanted to see. Plus after a couple of hours, you totally get museumed-out.

    1. hahaha I know right!! First time I visited one of those museums I was totally clueless of what I was doing and where I was going! When I came back next time though, I had made my researches so it helped me alot!!

  4. Caitlin Stewart says:

    It’s funny because I NEVER have a plan at museums. I always just sort of mosey around! I guess if you are in a hurry having a game plan for big museums is very important!

    1. Yees!! Tbh, I do prefer to just wander around, as I looove museums, but when you dont have much time, a plan is your best friend hahah

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