Best Countries to Visit for Beginner Travelers

So you want to start traveling, maybe spend your holidays overseas, but have no experience, and don’t have any idea of where to travel as a beginner traveler?

If that’s your case, this list of the best countries to visit for beginner travelers is for you. It includes the easiest countries to travel to and the best travel destinations for first-timers so that you can start your travel life slowly, without too much cultural shock or tough experiences, until you get confidence and experience to go further!

Indeed with such a big world to see, we feel a bit overwhelming, especially when planning our first trip. There is so much to see, that you don’t know where to start.

Most of the time, your first trip is also the first time in your life that you will find yourself completely alone, having to deal with stranger people, and having to fix your problems all by yourself, without the help of your family.

Just check the list below and choose your first destination, no matter which one you choose, it will definitely be the best first country to visit for you!

Countries for Beginner Travellers

How to decide the best countries to travel to

I cover this topic deeply in my post about choosing your destination.

But in general, a nice way to start looking for your first destination is to look for countries that fit the requirements below

Language Barrier

Look for a country that speaks your native language or at least one where English is well spread, so you won’t have major issues with the language barrier.

It is important to make sure that you will have support in case you need, and that you will be able to solve any problem in an easy way.

Of course, everybody prefers to believe there will not be any problem during their trip, but the truth is that it is inevitable, it is normal to have an issue with your phone, or your luggage.

So in this case, you will want to make sure you will be able to solve it in the easiest way possible.

Tourism scenario

Another point to highlight is if the country is a famous tourist destination and has a well-developed tourist scene and infrastructure.

Everything is better when you have no problem moving around when it is simple to understand where you are going and how to get there.

Some countries though, are easier than others. Most cities in Europe, for example, give total support to tourists, with maps all over the streets, easy public transport, easy ticket offices, etc.

However, countries in South America or some places in Asia don’t offer good tourist support and their public transport can be complicated for new travelers.

Needless to say, that better don’t risk yourself in your very first travel and go for the easy to travel countries first, right?


It is always important to make sure you are traveling to a safe place. This is definitely not a tip for beginners only, but for everybody, please guyse, don’t go around jumping on the back of vans.

It is always important to check if the country you want to visit is a safe place.

The countries listed below are all super safe for first-time travelers, but to make sure if a country is safe or not, you can check the US Bureau consular affair or the SafeAround site, which also gives tips on the risks and most common dangers of each city around the world.

Best countries to visit for first-time travelers



Guess what, everybody speaks English here! In the UK you have many options for countries to visit, England, which is definitely one of the most chosen first destinations for most of the beginner travelers, and especially for English speakers, the easiest European country to visit

It is also a must if you want to put a mark on one of your Bucket List’s items: Big Ben.

Scotland, such a lovely country, especially for those looking for contact with nature, visiting the Highlands, is a truly amazing experience.

Then you also have Wales, Nothern Ireland

All these countries are very easy to move around, so you don’t need to reduce your travel to England only.

There are many things to see, from historical to natural places. Definitely, this is not the cheapest option though, but completely worth.

Will Wang/Flickr

United States

This is a cheaper solution than in the UK. The United States has so many different places and landscapes to see. You have from big cities like New York to beautiful natural parks, such a the famous Yellowstone, as well as beaches in California, or Florida.

Needless to say that the tourism scene is well developed in the USA, it is a famous destination and you will have many options from tour operators to accommodation and guides.



The global capital of politeness. It is a super safe country and its people are very helpful. Besides English, French is also well spread in some areas, like in Quebec.

Canada also has amazing natural places to visit like the Banff National Park.


South Africa

South Africa is sometimes an even cheaper option if you want to travel to a country that speaks English. Of course, if you want to enjoy your trip fully, and take a safari tour, which you definitely should do since you are in Africa, you must prepare your wallet, as it is very expensive.

South Africa is a nice country in Africa to start your travels, it is easy to get around as everybody speaks English, so you won’t feel lost, but at the same time, it is a completely different country with a unique culture.

Jong Soo (Peter) Lee/Flickr


The first country in the list of those who love to surf. If you are a beach lover, Australia is a great option. But not only that!

Australia has so many things to see across the country, you would need to spend a good time in the country if you wished to see it all. It is a well-developed country and really easy to navigate the cities.

Frans Sellies/Flickr


One of the most visited countries in the world and with a good reason! Italy has so many important cities to visit, the country has a heavy historical weight and stunning natural places to see.

Rome was once home to one of the oldest civilizations and there are plenty of ruins to prove you that.

But if you prefer natural beauty, the Amalfi Coast is the right option for you. For those not traveling alone, and looking for something more romantic, Venice or the Tuscany region are the places you should look for.

Just like pretty much all West Europe, Italy has a well-established tourism scene, many tour operators and guides.


Paris was my very first destination too, and in my opinion, I couldn’t have chosen better. Just like Italy, France is a famous destination especially if you like history and culture. Paris is full of Bucket List spots and the country has a variety of beautiful cities to be visited.

Perhaps not the easiest place to find English speakers but with the well-developed tourism sector, you won’t find big difficulties. The public transport is also really easy to use.

Paris made me completely fall in love with the city and with traveling in general, and if you are into history, culture, and art, this is the perfect city to visit on your first trip.

Jamie Frith/Flick


Super small country and easy to navigate. Amsterdam is a great city to start your travels with, beautiful architecture, romantic canals, full of nice cities nearby in case you want to take Day Trips and if you wish, you can go to countries nearby as the prices of tickets are well affordable.

The Netherlands also has one of the cheapest airports in Europe.

Nicolas Lannuzel/Flickr


In case you want to start your travels in Asia, Singapore is a nice choice. It is actually a city-state located in South-East Asia, its culture mix the Chinese culture with different local cultures.

Singapore has 4 official languages being the first of them is English!

valentino luis/Flickr


Besides being super cheap, Thailand is a backpacker hub! It is hard to feel lost knowing there are so many other backpackers around, plus many people speak English there due to the huge amount of tourists the country receives every year.

For those who just started and love exotic destinations, this is the one!

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