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Travel for Lazybums: How to Pick an Accommodation

Welcome to week 3 of our serious “Travel for Lazybums”! Ok, you already have a location an mind and already learnt how to find and buy your cheap flight plus already got you Travel Insurance, now it is time to find a place to stay!

This week we will be covering the different accomodations you can choose and have a notion of which one is best for you, and how to find cheap ones.

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Picking the Perfect Accommodation
And Now, What to Pack?

pick an accommodation

Pick an Accommodation

Before we jump on booking an accomodation, bear in mind something:

Location matters

Before you totally fall for a cheap dealp online, make sure to check the location, sometimes the hotel room is way cheaper than it was supposed to be and you think you are such a lucky bunny that you simply book the room straight the way and buy a lottery ticket just to make sure. WRONG.

Guys, check the location of the hotel first, google map it and check if it is not an “adventure” to go from the airport or train station to your hotel. Some hotels are cheap, but what you gonna pay to move around from there will just hit your wallet badly.

And exemple was the first time I went to London, in order to save a little I decided to stay in, Croydon. Turned out my hotel was 1:45hours away from central London and I had to spend £10 everyday to come and go. Making the math, the price of hotel plus transport for me and my mom, we could have stayed in central London for basically the same price.

Common Accommodations:


Everybody knows what a hotel is anyways, BUT, if you are looking for some privacy, or are travelling with family and you really don’t want to get annoyed, this is the best option. Of course it is more expensive than a hostel, but you can find pretty cheap ones as well, depending on where you are going.


This will be probably the best option if you are a solo traveller and or if you are trying to save money. Hostels are like Hotels, but more carefree, here you can both take a private room (that are normally the price of hotels) or a shared room, in this case you can get a 4, 8 or even 12 bed beds. The good part of it is that it makes the night way cheaper than a normal hotel. The bad thing is that, well, you need to share your room with people you don’t know. But thats the thing, you can make lots of friends!

Some hostels offer breakfast or has a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

Where to find accommodation

Airbnb Booking

Airbnb used to be a site where you could find rooms to book inside someone’s house or even a whole place. Now a days, although this is still their focus, you can already find hostels and hotels too. Their accomodations are normally really cheap and the experience of spending time in a local’s house with a local family can be something pretty unique. Clicking on the link you will receive a bonus of U$40 in your first travel!


Definitely the best site to find hotels and hostels, they have HUGE lists, more options than most of sites. Their prices are in general really good.


Another good option if you like to blend with the locals and get to know other fellow travellers. Particulary I have neve tried, but the idea of CouchSurfing is to possibilitate travellers to host each other.


This site is great if you are looking for accomodation in Asia. Although I have never tried so far, since I haven’t been to Asia, I know many people who did use Agoda and it went great for them.

We are almost ready to go on out trip!! Now we already know where to go, we bought out tickets and just booked out accomodation! Next week we will be covering the last part of the series, which is about what you should pack for your travel!

We will be seeing the most essential itens to brings and what to bring or not for your travels!

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    Simon Starchevsky
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    Very succinct and nice travel tips. Thank you for sharing.

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    Bryan Carey
    9 de October de 2017 at 11:23

    Good tips here on ways to find accommodation deals. Airbnb is often the first place people think of, but like you discuss, there are other options that could suit individual needs better.

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    Great post! I’m an AirBnB user through and through. The best way to travel, especially with a family!

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    7 de November de 2017 at 17:41

    I’m in the beginning stages of planning a vacation and these tips are all great! I think the plan is to go with AirBnB (all the hotels are pretty expensive) so I’m super excited to try something new!


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    Kathryn Van Prooyen
    12 de November de 2017 at 21:52

    Wow what an awsome blog.! So many great tips for looking for accommodation. Thanks for sharing.!

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    excellent–love it.

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