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Traveling in Unsafe Countries: 5 Things You Need to Put in Place

Traveling in unsafe countries certainly broadens the mind. Sometimes, we travel for fun or to learn, but some expose themselves to challenges they cannot get back home from.

There are countries that are recognized as incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons, whether it’s political problems or violence. When it comes to traveling in a country that is deemed unsafe, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you are ready.

Be Prepared

It sounds obvious, but being a well-prepared traveler is about weighing up all the risks and having an action plan. If you end up traveling to a country with political turmoil, you’ve got to know where the risky areas are, but also make sure that you stay out of situations where there is the potential for strife, such as riots or conflict.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have some form of protection, for example, a bulletproof backpack panel or bulletproof clothing, but the best solution is to make sure you avoid these areas in the first place.

Plan Your Routes

If you travel along dangerous routes, this is an incredibly foolish thing to do. It is critical to know the countries that are generally deemed unsafe and dangerous to travel to. These include Zimbabwe, Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, Russia, and Ukraine. The last two are in the news on a regular basis and therefore they should be avoided for your safety.

But there are countries that are considered safe, apart from a few risky areas. You should always research the risks and plan a safer route, as this can avoid unnecessary risks.

Be Careful in How You Carry Yourself

Carjackings, robberies, and even abductions can be common in unsafe countries. But there are also countries where you need to be very careful with how you present yourself.

For example, owning more than one pair of shoes can imply that you are incredibly wealthy in certain parts of the world.

You have to gain an understanding of the cultural rules especially when it comes to clothing. Dressing improperly in certain countries could land you in jail as it is against their rules.

Learn How Dangerous a Country Truly is

It can be easy to overly generalize a country, but you need to spend time gaining a complete picture of the place you want to travel to.

There are fantastic online guides, including the international travel site provided by the US State Department, that can help here.

Have a Sensible Head on Your Shoulders

Once you’ve done enough research into a country, taking into account the safe routes, culture, and values, you are better prepared, but it will be beneficial to be extra vigilant according to the situation.

A lot of people now choose to live a nomadic lifestyle, which means that they become too relaxed in certain countries that have archaic rules. If a country has specific rules, it is critical to obey them. 

Traveling in unsafe countries can be challenging, which is why you need to do everything you can to make sure that you are ready.

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