Why Australia Is A Great Place to Go If You Like Unique Outback Tours

Do you love to travel, but hate the bland, pre-determined sightseeing routes in bustling metropolises? Are cityscapes and urban attractions not your thing? For all of you out there who are adventurers at hearts, outback tours might just be the perfect vacation solution.

“Outback” means a remote or sparsely populated inland region, although nowadays it primarily refers to the remote and usually uninhabited inland districts of Australia – and for very good reason. You can find a whole lot of info about it on travelers’ websites such as http://www.australianwildlifejourneys.com/outback-tours, but for your convenience, we singled out some of the standard favorites.

The odd outback pubs

The staple of any long journey is good and tasty hydration, so make sure to stop in at least every other pub along the way – and keep an eye out for the legendary stuffed crocodiles chilling out above the bar counters.

Even if you miss out on the aquatic reptiles, there is plenty of odd décor to match anyone’s drinking mood, such as the braids of human hair hanging from the roof of The Mungerannie Hotel, or the classically painted interior of Mario’s Palace.

The people you meet there tend to match the place, so you may get challenged to a pool game, hear wild tales of hunting crocodiles or bulls – and see pictures as proof!

The potential for photography

Whether you are a professional photographer, a passionate amateur, or an Instagram aficionado, the Australian landscape offers the most picturesque palette you could ever hope for. The desert and rock, especially at sunset, make exciting contrasts with the waterfalls and the bright blue sky.

In fact, outback Queensland is so famous for its heavenly panorama that it has been lovingly nicknamed “the big sky country”. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to be around when the rains drop in for a visit, you will get the opportunity some of the most stunning wildflowers in the world.

If you would like to get some nifty tips on taking your landscape photography a step further, check out this cool web page for some hacks.

The gloriously weird events

If you decide to take a break from the wilderness and spend a day in any of the little outback towns, there will be plenty to keep you occupied and amused. Aside from the inevitable music festivals and rodeos, you are likely to see such odd entertainment as camel races and actual yabbie races. If you are not familiar with that particular pastime, click here for more info: https://www.topendsports.com/sport/unusual/yabbie-races.htm

The best part of any event are, naturally, all the other people who attend it, and often passionately bet on their favorite yabbie, camel, or even pig. Rodeo events are held throughout the year and all over the map, and some venues will even let passing travelers test their mettle if they think they are tough enough for the sport. To qualify for a score, you need to endure a minimum of eight seconds, which already tells you how fierce of a challenge you would be facing.

The wildly different lifestyle

Australia in general tends to be considered a rather strange place by people who are not residents, or at the very least regular visitors. In fact, it is often considered downright terrifying thanks to its uniquely large wildlife of the “creepy-crawly” kind. But what makes it a really odd experience for many first timers is the lifestyle, which can eb said to have become specialized in the outback.

For example, the local version of “I’ll see you soon” sounds like “ketch ya drekly” to an unfamiliarized ear, and can be seriously confusing. In some places, fresh groceries are delivered by train on a bi-weekly basis, so if you happen to stop by near the end of the cycle, you would be in tough luck for things like milk, eggs, and fruit.

Things like your GPS are completely useless out there, and even the most basic mobile phone service is practically non-existent. In alignment with that, you should prepare for the unique war that is driving through the area: the red dirt roads require intense concentration.

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