Why Destination Weddings are Amazing and Where to Have One

Weddings are wonderful affairs where family and friends gather to celebrate the love of the happy couple who is getting married. If you are getting hitched and are considering what kind of wedding to have, why not think about a destination wedding?

Benefits of a destination wedding

There are a lot of reasons to wed away. You can justify trading your elegant heels for sandals, or even go barefoot, and have a more casual affair rather than a black-tie dress.

Many couples are choosing to dress down over traditional formal weddings, regardless of the location of the nuptials, but a destination wedding is a great excuse to do so.

An intimate occasion

If the dress code isn’t a worry, destination weddings are a great way to cut your guest list in half. Wanting to have a smaller wedding isn’t selfish – it just means you want to spend the occasion with the people who are closest to you, rather than worry about inviting your mum’s friend’s cousin who you met once or twice but insists on being part of your day.

It’s a great excuse to filter out acquaintances, colleagues you don’t know outside of work, or anyone else you feel obligated to invite but don’t really know. Limiting the guest list to strictly close friends and family will make it a more intimate affair so you can spend it with those who are truly important in your lives.

Spend time with those you love

A wedding away from home is also ideal if you want to spend more time with your guests, especially if your guest list is comprised of your closest family members and friends.

Why limit yourself to a few hours with them when you could spend a week having a grand old time living it up on a beach resort together? Plus, you’ll be able to turn your special day into a special week, and the celebrations don’t have to be a one-day-only affair.

Two Honeymoons

Finally, one of the best reasons for a destination wedding is that you’ll essentially be getting two honeymoons. Choosing a destination you both love and perhaps have always wanted to visit can be like taking a vacation before your honeymoon, especially if you travel somewhere else for your honeymoon.

Plan your destination wedding so you, your partner, and your guests arrive before the nuptials and have the week to ramp up to your actual wedding ceremony so that once the big day is over, you and your newly wedded partner can either stay and enjoy each other’s company alone, or whisk away to a totally different romantic destination.

Either way, you’ll get an extended trip and more time to bask in each other’s love.

So, where should you tie the knot? Here are some of the most romantic spots for a destination wedding that you, your partner, and your guests will be sure to love.


With so many absolutely stunning islands to choose from, how can you say no to a Greek destination wedding? Depending on the wedding vibe you’re after, you can pick a Greek island to match.

For example, head to Crete for those perfect picturesque moments, with stunning sunsets, white buildings, and azure waters as your backdrop. Stay in upscale, luxurious villas in Crete and take in the rich history and beautiful landscape the island has to offer before or after you tie the knot on a white, sandy beach.

Greece will not let you down for your dream wedding.

San Francisco

If you and your partner are less about a beach wedding and more interested in an urban setting for your big day, San Francisco is the perfect spot. It’s sophisticated, yet still laid back, despite being a major city in California.

The hilly landscape is picturesque, not to mention having the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background makes for gorgeous photos. The weather is also fairly temperate year-round, but keep in mind the fog rolls in during the summer months.


Talk about a fairytale wedding destination. Between the lush, rolling hills, oceanside cliffs, and castles perched in the highlands, the Irish countryside is a beautiful place to get hitched.

Who wouldn’t want to get married in a castle, or a Tudor-style church surrounded by gardens and cliffs? It may not be the first place you think of when you think about destination wedding locations, but it certainly would be a memorable choice.


Head to the west coast of Italy to Tuscany, a region rich with vineyards, lush green valleys, rolling hills, and stunning architecture that will impress everyone.

The amazing food and wine will make it easy to create a menu for your wedding, so treat your guests—and yourselves—to some world-class cuisine on your big day.

Plus, once your wedding is over, you’re at the doorstep of Europe, where you can jet off to another romantic destination (or destinations) for your honeymoon and explore more of what Europe has to offer for newlyweds.

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