9 Reasons Why Travel is Important

When you talk about travel, the first thing that comes to mind is recreation, something that we do on our vacation or free days for fun, most people do consider travel as a leisure activity only, but what if I tell you that it can be much more than that? There are far more benefits to traveling than just de-stressing yourself while you enjoy your pina colada in front of the pool, especially if you are traveling abroad.

Besides de-stressing yourself, which is indeed a fact, traveling can also improve your health and help you learn a new language, but the importance of traveling goes far beyond that. It completely changes the way you see the world and interacts with other people and the environment, and this by itself is already a good reason why it’s important to travel the world.

If you manage to take the best out of your travels, you will see that they can become valuable experiences not only for fun but also for learning. Thinking about that, I have compiled a list of reasons why travel is important and the benefits of traveling in our lives.

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9 Reasons Why Travel is Important

Benefits of Traveling

Builds self-confidence and independence.

For young people especially, it is hard to leave your comfort zone, you have lived with your family your whole life, have your friends, don’t have big worries, don’t need to pay bills, and live in a city where people know you since you were a kid. Leaving the comfort zone sounds more like an alien experience that most of us don’t really want to take.

Exploring the world and all its wonders can have a huge impact on an individual’s self-confidence and independence. As you explore, you are forced to take risks, step out of your comfort zone, and make decisions for yourself.

This ability to conquer challenges fosters a sense of confidence that lingers long after one’s travels come to an end, as it is in hardship that we grow. In addition, while traveling independently you also get to practice problem-solving skills which will prepare you for whatever challenge comes your way in life.

Teaches you problem-solving skills in unfamiliar settings.

Exploring why travel is important teaches you problem-solving skills in unfamiliar settings. By putting yourself in an unknown environment you are forced to think quickly, assess the situation and respond effectively.

Traveling can help hone your decision-making capacities, making you more adept at managing situations that are seemingly daunting or out of your control.

Additionally, by being exposed to different cultures and customs, you will start to understand how actions are taken on one side of the world can have consequences on the other side of it.

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Develop cultural sensitivity

Sometimes you might think your country is the best or has the best culture, but the truth is that your country is just one in the middle of many others, care to feel small here, please? Cultural shock can be scary sometimes, but most of the time it gives you a different perspective on things.

Maybe you will like it, maybe you will not, but you will need to adapt yourself to this new culture, break taboos, and accept a different opinion that can be the opposite of yours.

But in the world of culture, nothing is really right or wrong, it is just a matter of perspective, and we need to deal with it.

Perhaps you will come across a different way to look at something, and it will change your life, maybe you will find out that something that is such a big issue for you, is just a simple matter that shouldn’t be taken as a problem in other cultures, and it will make your life so much better!

Become social aware

You have contact with different people from different countries and get to know other cultures and costumes. All this gives you a sense of existence, making you realize the world is not summarised in yourself or your city or country, helping you to understand your place in the universe.

It breaks egocentrism and makes you think more about others. Teaches you to respect other people and cultures and makes you less selfish. It breaks taboos that you may have with this or that people, and change your point of view towards someone.

Maybe you think that these people are weird, or those people are harsh, but after you finally get in contact with them, you will notice that your thoughts were just stereotypes.

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Learn languages

While traveling you have a big chance to learn another language, at least the basics! English is almost an international language and very dear for those who travel but only because you have the means to communicate, doesn’t mean you can’t learn the local language!

Having to contact full time with people who speak other languages is the easiest way to learn it, better than only taking classes.

Of course, classes are great as it is how you will learn the grammar rules, etc., but to be fluent and develop conversation skills in this new language, nothing better than going out, trying, failing, and trying again!

And don’t worry about learning a language that you “will never use again in my life”. You never know when it will be useful. People used to tell me Arabic was pointless until I found myself lost in Brussels and the only person around was a Somali woman who didn’t speak English, I didn’t speak French, BUT AAH HAAAM, we could speak Arabic, the lady showed me the way, BAM! no loss anymore, now tell me Arabic is pointless again!!

Life experiences are what define you

The first time I heard that it made so much sense. I totally clicked! Your being is defined by what happens to it during life, the situations you put yourself in today are what will define you tomorrow, it is from the experiences that we learn, we change.

Traveling will provide you with so many different experiences that you wouldn’t have if you keep your bum on the sofa for the rest of your life, it will open your mind, and again, make you adapt to different situations.

Observe wildlife in their natural habitat

Remember when you were a kid and used to go to the zoo to watch animals locked in their cages doing what they probably wouldn’t be doing if they could choose?

Traveling allows you to watch those same animals in their REAL habitat, you can observe them keeping on with their daily lives, living just like they would if humans didn’t exist. The sense of dividing your own space with a wild animal is just surreal.

Few people have the chance to admire them in their real habitat, and those that do, don’t want to go back to the zoo, ever!

It is so rewarding to be part of their habitat, even for a few minutes, and have the conscience of so.

Bring to reality everything you watched in documentaries

Watching a documentary on TV is always interesting. I have always loved that since I was a kid, I used to spend hours watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. But seen from the distance it is hard to acknowledge the reality is all this.

It is just like a movie, something that perhaps even happens, but somewhere far away from me and that is not interfered with by me.

But when you finally travel to a destination that you watched the documentary about, that’s the moment when everything becomes tangible.

Learn about the history of the world and civilization

Reading books and watching documentaries are always very educative. But nothing is more educative than going to the place yourself and learning about the history, culture, and all the rest, from the source! You will not only learn from your own experience but also get the proof with your own eyes!

Needless to say that seeing history and culture firsthand is way more immersive, than watching it from a half-world distance right?

Why is it important to travel the world

Most people travel for vacation, a chance to be free of the daily life routine, and to spend time with their family. It is by itself good enough.

However, only a few people realize the positive effects of international travel, which are many, from healthy reasons to self-esteem, to personal growth. It changes you as a person, and shapes the way you see the world, and how you react to different situations.

It was never so easy to travel the world as it is nowadays, so if you are living in this generation, you should consider yourself lucky, to begin with.

I know it is not something simple for our mindset, it is not an easy decision to go out of your comfortable and secure house, to see the world, it may sound threatening, and it is, but trust me, it is so rewarding.

If you are still not convinced, take a look at this list of why traveling is important, and please, if you dream about traveling abroad but feel afraid of taking the first steps, maybe you don’t know where to begin, or you don’t know where to go first, why not sending me an email, perhaps I can help you out! 🙂

And if you are already planning to travel abroad, but are not sure of where to go, check this list of the best countries to travel to for first-timers.

Why Traveling Is Important

This text was originally written and posted in December 2017 and updated in February 2022. New information has been added and links have been updated so that it could offer a better experience to the reader.

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  1. Oh, my! That’s exactly what I think, couldn’t agree more with you!!

  2. The world is the best school. At age 16, that time when you ‘have’ to pick a study, I had no idea what to choose. Because I had no idea about what was happening in the world, what I could dedicate myself to with passion, and what matters. To really get a broader view of the world out there, and figure out what we are meant to live for, we have to GO out there and experience.

    1. I couldnt agree more! First of all, I think that at age of 16 it is way too early to find out what you really want to do for the rest of you life, you are too young to judge. But traveling totally open your eyes for the possiblities and give you experience

  3. These are a great list of reasons. As someone who is currently planning her first international trip it was a nice reminder as to why I’m doing this in the first place!

  4. Amy & Tots says:

    I wish that I could have travelled before having my children. Maybe I’ll have to wait until they’re all grown up!

  5. Even though I don’t get to travel as much as I used to, I can say that it teaches you cultural sensitivity. The US is not the center of the universe. Even if we think it is. Traveling, coupled with interest in other cultures has helped me learn at least 2 other languages, that I can now communicate in.

  6. Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching says:

    I so agree! My now husband and I went travelling in our younger days and it’s a fantastic way to test how compatible you are. It sounds like you have had some amazing experiences and for me, all these years later. I still remember many of the wonderful people we met along the way.

  7. I love learning about new places, and finding that ‘just right’ spot to relax. Unfortunately, most traveling takes money, something that I am always short on. So I take quick trips away from home, and do my international traveling via the internet.

  8. Fantastic post! I don’t get to travel often, mostly because my children are in school and then when they are out for the summer airfare and hotel rates go through the roof! But If I were to travel I will keep these 5 things in mind!!!

  9. I’ve been travelling since I was a baby. I really started moving to different countries shortly after I was born. Living in India then Singapore where I took my first steps. Then onto Germany where I started school, then finally returning to my birthplace of jolly old England. I think this set the tone because I moved to Italy in my twenties, then America and Canada. I’ve rarely been a tourist. I’ve been a resident in all of these countries, but I love visiting other places too. When my grandmother was alive we used to go to Trinidad & Tobago ever winter. I can relate to all the reasons you’ve listed here. Travelling is a priceless education that I wouldn’t trade for th world.

    1. wow you were definitely born a traveller!! What an amazing experience you had!!

  10. I agree with all 5. Traveling is a great hobby. It just gets too expensive with children

  11. I’m with Mary….I like to go and see some sites around the world but life has a way of interrupting one’s goals.
    But I do enjoy reading travel blogs and some YouTube videos about historical places.

  12. Yes, five times (and then some)! I couldn’t agree more. There is so much to learn about out there. Love your last line in this post, “The world is the best school!” It’s so true!

  13. Absolutely! I agree 100%. Traveling is such an amazing learning experience. I hope to travel more as I grow older and explore outside of the United States. Studying abroad would be lovely as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  14. Thanks for sharing! Travelling is indeed a great tool for personal development!

  15. I always feel so refreshed after traveling. I believe that my marriage is stronger because of our travels as well… we gain perspective and share so many memories!

  16. Nice article. Travelling is important for self growth. I read somewhere, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” This is so true actually.

  17. I totally agree with you, Isadora!
    Travel gives me time to think, watch and learn new things. Motivation to live better, or maybe, upbeat to carry on with a superior life and offering back to those in need.

  18. Such a great post. I really need to travel more. It’s in my 5 year plan!!!

  19. I love to go and see new places. I don’t get the opportunity to travel abroad just mainly in the USA. But even from State to State there is a difference! I totally agree to get out of your comfort zone!

  20. What an awesome list of reasons. Keeps you aware! I love to travel yet also love the return home 🙂

  21. I completely agree with everything you wrote. I kneveryone not everyone has the means to travel, but it is so eye opening.

  22. Even if I don’t want to travel, your tips are a soft reminder on what I am missing out on. I am still busy creating list of countries to visit. I feel visiting each country is like going on a discovery journey.

  23. Not only do you learn more about the world when you travel, but you learn so much about yourself. Traveling truly changes you.

  24. Tescha Chetty says:

    I loved this post and fully agree with all your points. I absolutley love traveling and exploring other cultures. Im visiting Eastern Europe in August and super excited as I will be travelin Solo!!!

    1. Thats sooo nice!! I wish you a good trip!! Hope you enjoy it fully!!

  25. Isadora, totally agree with you. Traveling teaches us a lot about different things and you learn so much about other cultures and learn what else is out there in the world. I don’t get to travel a lot but have a list of places I want to see.

  26. Cultural sensitivity definitely. When my younger sister was going through her “pissy” phase, I took her on a trip to Europe with me. Not saying that changed her life, but she definitely learned a new appreciation. Now she wants to travel all the time and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

    1. This is so true! Travels not always change our lives, but definitely it gives a different perspective on things, and sometimes it is enough!

  27. I love traveling, I have been to over 60 countries and hopefully still counting. Traveling is learning no matter the reason you do so.

  28. I couldn’t agree more 🙂 Well said!

  29. Travel should be a way of life for more people! It is SO important to have cultural diversity. I think this blog post is right on the money 💕

  30. Chloe Lane says:

    YES! I could not agree more!

  31. I totally agree with you. Travelling to other countries really widens one’s horizon and builds character. Great post!

  32. I can only agree with everything here, I think only people who travel a lot can realize all this. I feel that my travels have helped me grow so much more than anything else. We often see no further that our little town, region or country, but when we travel we compare everything to the rest of the world… ad everything has a different scale.

  33. In my opinion also travelling is the best experience you can get and can learn a lot from those experiences

  34. This is so true. I’m an introvert, so it’s a challenge for me to do some things that will take me out of my comfort zone. But no regrets doing my solo backpacking, ’cause I start to love travelling and I learn a lot of the cultures in each country.

  35. I so agree with every point you have made, travel is so important! I myself have changed for the better I believe the more I experience and meet people across the world!

  36. I agree with everything you said:) Traveling enriches us in so many ways. People are more mindful, because they’ve seen a lot, met various people. Very nice post indeed!:)

  37. I agree, there’s no better way to learn about other cultures than to experience them! I wish I was better at learning the language… usually the only words I learn are hello and thank you! haha

  38. I agree – life experiences are what define you. My mum used to say when we were younger, “you need to travel more”… Now I know she meant we needed to experience life more. Coz in your comfort zone you don’t learn much

  39. This is so true. You must travel also to learn more about yourself and how different people live. I agree with you cultural sensitivity is so important. I also try my best to learn a few sentences in the language of the people where I visit. It makes things so much nicer when you talk to locals. I enjoyed your post.


  40. Great article! I love traveling and this post is very helpful to me.

  41. Reading this really makes me want to visit the travel agent! Things Have slowed in that deptartment due to babies!

  42. Yes to this! Travel is an amazing way of opening up your mind.

  43. Great opinion! I agree with your position! Traveling is the best education you can offer to yourself.

  44. I agree! This is how I picked up some French:0 ) I spent 3 weeks in France.:))

  45. There are so many places I would love to visit. I don’t know another language but I can learn. Being able to see historical places I’ve read about would be absolutely wonderful.

  46. I love this post!! I agree 1000%. Travel has so many benefits.

  47. Yes to all of this!
    I currently teach students who DO NOT want and have never left their state! It’s so sad. I think you grow as a person when you experience a different culture.

  48. This was a great read! I can’t wait to travel some day.

  49. This post is just for me! I agree with all the ways you list why travelling is important. I also want to add that the world has enough resources to keep everyone happy. Life without borders, I say.
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  50. This was a great read! I am looking forward to doing some travelling next year and you’ve made me realise that it is more than just an extended holiday!

  51. I could come up with 30 more reasons – traveling adds so much to your life. Your list is very good as it touches so many dimensions of our lives.
    Thanks for sharing!

  52. Guilherme says:

    Agora que já fui mordido e estou com síndrome de viagens, acho que nenhuma razão me importa mais 😛

  53. This gives me so much motivation to take all the trips I’m planning next year! Can’t wait

  54. I totally agree. We just came back from a cruise, and there’s nothing quite as relaxing as cruising, and nothing as eye opening as seeing how other cultures live.

  55. I agree entirely – a great way to educate yourself is to travel. It benefits so many things. Thanks for sharing your ideas

  56. Love the sentiment, Travelling is precious and for those limited in mobility having bloggers like you to share such wonderful places in the World, makes all the difference. Your like a ray of sunshine 🙂 Appreciate your beautiful photographs

  57. I agree. All are well said. Its good to visit and learn what exist in every side of the earth.

  58. You said it all. Nothing to add, just agree with this article. Why being in such a big world if it’s not to travel it? We’re made for that!

  59. muhammad hsunain says:

    Wow great blog for the travelers

  60. Definitely concur with “Life experiences are what defines you”! Travelling and living in a different country during my university exchange programme definitely changed my perception of things which really made me fall in love with travelling the world. Can’t wait to cover more places!

  61. I love all of these reasons for traveling. I’m an avid traveler and I believe that I find myself while traveling. Traveling is definitely a passion of mine. Thank you for sharing these wonderful reasons to travel.

  62. This is so true. And why we travel with our kids from an early age!

  63. I took my kids to South Africa. They learned more in two weeks than a year of school. Experiences are the best way to learn

    1. This is so true!! Plus we learn way faster when we are experiencing things first hand than sitting in a classroom!

  64. I couldn’t agree more! Traveling shapes you, the experiences getting you indeed out of your comfort zone to become someone entire different. I think traveling is one of the most important things man can do in live, explore & discover new cultures and widen your eyes! It changes so much of your perspective – your normal doesn’t have to be someone else’s. Great article!

    1. Omg Nikky you said it all!! I couldn’t agree more with you! I wish more people realised that!

  65. I love this post SO MUCH. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote. Travelling is an important part of life and I think that’s why there are so many narrow-minded people in the world because they never leave their little towns or their corner of the world. I know this post is geared more towards world travel but even if you just try to explore more of your own country it can be life-changing. My husband and I recently visited Colorado and I swear it changed our lives. Instead of taking a honeymoon and then settling down after the wedding we’re now planning an open-ended homeless honeymoon! We’re going nomadic! So traveling anywhere, just to see something different can be truly inspiring. Seriously, love this post. <3

    1. This is so true!! We don’t need to travel half the world, sometimes if you get your butt out of the sofa and explore your surroundings you will see and learn new things, sometimes you don’t need to go far! And this is something so important. I agree with you, perhaps if more people did that, we wouldn’t have so many narrow-minded people in the world!

  66. Not only do we love to travel for relaxation, but we want to see more of our heritage. This year we want to visit Spain!

    1. This is great! I hope you enjoy the trip and take the most from it! Spain is awesome!

  67. This can’t be more true! I love travelling and never want to stop, having a baby won’t stop me and neither will finance! It’s the best form of education there is in the world!

    1. Definitely! We grow so much when we travel! I hope that in the future, I wil have a traveler family hahaha at least my mom is already a traveller, I wish to turn my sun and husband into travellers as well!

  68. I was lucky enough to experience many cultures and customs when growing up and also lived abroad as well. It really does force you to be more broad-minded and aware of the diverse nature of people and appreciate the beauty offered by different regions of the world.

    1. Definitely! It shows you that there are so many different ways to live a life, you learn to be more respectful towards other people, cultures, etc

  69. Traveling is such a fun way to explore new places and cultures. You hit all the right key points.

  70. I tell my student this all the time!!

  71. I agree with all these reasons for traveling. I also think travelling to other countries has helped me to understand, love, and just communicate with others better because I have an idea of what different people in different countries go through on a daily basis in their lives, at least in a general sense.

  72. 100% agreed!! I cannot wait to be able to get to Ireland this year.

  73. This is a really good post and I wish more people would travel because of the reasons you are listing. Unfortunately especially the social awareness and multicultural approach are very often neglected, travellers are only happy because some other countries are cheaper and the weather is better…no intercultural interaction whatsoever. They don’t know what they are missing out.
    Where in Brazil are you from? I’m going there in February – to learn the language, like you suggest: two weeks school in Rio and then practicing further south.
    Happy travels, boa viagem!

    1. I so agree! The good things about traveling for me is not the vacation itself, but the chance to have contact with different people and different cultures and the possibility to learn from them, this kind of experience is priceless!

      Woow that’s great! I hope you enjoy Brazil! I’m from the south part, it is lovely here, not so touristy as Rio, so it is more chill here! If you have any questions, pls feel free to ask!! 😀

      Boa viagem pra você também!

  74. So true! I agree that people who travel can broaden their social awareness of other cultures, people, and experiences.

  75. You’re so right! I especially love to experience the reality, something I could once see in photos or documentaries, and now I can feel it, I can breath that air and nearly touch it. It’s amazing!

  76. The travelling I have done in my life have really defined me and helped shaped who I am. I hope to show my daughter the world and travel even more with my family.

  77. Yes to all of that! Traveling is so important for so many reasons!

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