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World by Isa 2020 Update

April 2020, is it too late to say “new year, new me”? Well, I hope not, because that’s my topic for today!

Who would one day tell you the whole world would face a lockdown together…because of a “microscopic invasion”…and our apocalyptic clothes wouldn’t be as cool as the movies made us believe they would be! Disappointing!

Jokes apart, guys, this whole situation is mindblowing. I could never imagine I would be forced to stay home for over a month (so far) being unable to work. I have a clothes shop here in Brazil, we work every day, no days off, no holidays (I only take days off when I travel, if you are wondering), so this is a completely new situation for me.

Like anything else, we were forced to close doors and stay inside our houses, dividing our times between the living room and the bedroom…ok and the kitchen here and there, because of nothing better than eating in a stressful situation.

In this period of time though, I was able to take my time to do little things that I wouldn’t have time for if it was not the lockdown, and that’s what I want to share with you guys.

New blog look

You know how women are…we don’t miss the opportunity to cut or dye our hair when things get tough…I didn’t do that though.

On the other hand, I decided to give a new look to my blog.

New colors, new logo, a cleaner look. I have been blogging for 3 years now, and my layout hasn’t changed much. But think about my blog as a Pokemon, it was about time to evolve.

After 3 years, I felt that I improved a lot in many points, blog related. Including finding my voice, my niche, admitting, and focusing more on what drives me to travel: to learn about history and culture.

As World by Isa grows and gains maturity, it is time to give it a new look and a chance to develop a deeper personality.

Studying Japanese

After years of neglecting it, I decided to start studying Japanese again.

When I was a kid, my aunt was married to a Japanese man, as I was a curious kid, who loved learning languages, I asked him to help me studying his language. He bought me a bunch of books and I used to study it on my own, every single day. I used to call him every time I had questions.

It’s been ages that I don’t study or practice it though, so needless to say, my Japanese is a bit rusty.

Lucky me I just found this new website that offers free courses using one of the best methods I ever came across, the Marugoto books.

Stock market and Forex market

When I was in university I had this stock market subject, although it was kind of repetitive and could be psychologically stressful (we used to run competitions between groups along the semester) it was very interesting.

I know that in the USA and other countries, it is normal for people to invest their money in stock, but here in Brazil, nobody does that. Now, of course, we have professional investors, but most people here don’t even know that investing in stocks, as a normal citizen, is a thing.

Now, taking advantage of this “free time”, I decided to take classes again. Let’s see where it will lead me to though.

New blog sections

Finally, I decided to launch this new section on the blog, called “On my Desk”. This will be a space to share some more personal thoughts instead of travel-related content.

Updates, personal thoughts, inspiration, and motivational ideas. It will be all posted here!

Edit 1: hehehe Hi guys, I’m back. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to create another new section for the blog, yaay.

It is called “At Home”, here is where you will find resources for your boring moments at home, leave you Netflix series, stop baking your cookies (I have done it a lot, if you follow me on Instagram, you know), and go check At Home section for some nice stuff to enjoy while at home.

There you will find virtual tours through places around the world, learning materials, and soon, other resources, like books and stuff.

Ok, thanks for your time, I shall go again. Bye.

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